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Hope For The Day

It is a new year, but often the pain of past problems continues

to plague your heart and brings lingering grief. Just because

the date on the calendar changes does not mean that the pain

in your heart will change. So, how do you gain "Hope for the

Day"? How can your heart feel comforted?

To mourn is to be comforted. That sounds like something very

strange, but there is truth in that teaching. To mourn is to be

comforted. Mourning is not enjoyable. Mourning is not fun.

Mourning hurts. If we had the choice, mourning would never

be a part of our lives. But, to mourn is to be comforted.

When you find the courage to mourn - to really and truly feel

your pain and share it - you will begin to notice that changes

within your heart begin to take place. When the pain is released

it leaves room for hope to begin doing its job. When you "let go"

of your pain, you can begin to feel the heavy weight of mourning

be lifted. Through your mourning, you will be shown the path

to peace.

Be encouraged today! As your tears fall, know that they are

being caught by the loving arms of your Savior. Know that

you have angels unaware surrounding you to give you comfort.

Know that your hope is much larger than your pain! --Clara Hinton

"I don't understand everything there is to know about mourning,

but I do know that I will see a day when the sun will be shining

once again!" --Clara Hinton

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." -Matt. 5:4

Re: Hope For The Day

Simply Beautiful and

truly inspiring!

Re: Hope For The Day

Dear Angie
Thanks for sharing.Let's hope that the sun will shine again for us soon God Bless you and LOL Barb

Re: Hope For The Day

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." -Matt. 5:4

I especially read over this part over and over. I guess In a way I have healed somewhat over the year. In one week it will be a whole year that John was murdered. Now they are in the trial.Every day that's all I can think about.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." -Matt. 5:4

I have cried during these months more than I ever cried even as a baby. Even all together in my whole life. I guess we all have. Sometimes I feel numb inside. One thing that will not heal and will not leave my mind is the picture in my head of John, laying in the floor with the dog chain around his neck, his eyes buldged his face blue black, his ear totally black and some blood just under his nose. He couldn't move or breath, or talk, he was dead, it was real, it was true, my reaction, instant fast heat beat, I can't breath, because he can't breath, I can't make a sound because he can't make a sound. I die inside to be with him because he is somewhere else. A huge fear enters my heart and mind. Where is he? Is he in front of God? Was he sent to wait in purgatory? Does he know he's dead? How does he feel? Is he scared? Can he hear me? cAN YOU HEAR ME JOHN? CAN YOU HEAR ME BABY? ARE YOU OK? I'M SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, I'M SORRY I WASN'T THERE TO STOP THEM, TO FIGHT FOR YOU, TO MAKE SURE YOU WERE SAFE, I'M SO SORRY I LET YOU DOWN, I WANT TO KILL THEM FOR WHAT THEY DID TO YOU. I LOVE YOU JOHN, I LOVE YOU JOHN, WAIT FOR ME, I'LL BE THERE SOON AND WE CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER. GOD HELP ME TO MOURN SO THAT i MAY BE COMFORTED.

Re: Hope For The Day

This inspired me it is just so beautiful. I made another video. Hope you all enjoy it.
Jim's Mom