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Here's what it says,

I guess this man never had a child killed by a murderer and don't get the jest of him thinking that I'm saying everyone who gets in trouble is automatically guilty, I had a son in jail for a year now, so I do know how the justice system works, sometimes it doesn't and some times it does. so maybe you guys can help me out here to understand exactly what the f*** is he saying?

Justice denied is no justice at all

In her letter to the editor last week, Bette Ann Clark tries to turn the American system of justice on its ear but fortunately doesn't succeed because of her contradictions.

Although we all sympathize with her grief on losing a child, few of us would stretch our sympathy to agree with Ms. Clark that "If the prosecution or detectives had lack of evidence they would not have been accused in the first place."

Has Ms. Clark been paying attention to the news stories not only about innocent citizens who went to prison and stayed there for years until the factual "evidence" set them free, or worse when some were sentenced to be executed and later proved innocent by DNA evidence AFTER they had been in prison for many, many years?

We'll never know how many were executed before evidence could be found of their innocence. If we are to agree with Ms. Clark, then why not eliminate courts, judges and juries altogether? Just send an arrested citizen right to prison and save all the bother of trials. But Ms. Clark regains her senses when in her last sentence she says, "Justice will be served in the court of law." That's what is all about, Ms. Clark. Thank God for our country.

Edward Huber

Re: Here's what it says,

Bette,Sometimes people just say things so they can look at their own post. If this is about the letter you wrote to the other lady that was full of balogna then he is full of something else. It takes all kinds and I hope he didn't make you feel real bad because once and idiot,,,,, always an idiot! He should read the letter again. And yeah, your right he never experienced what you did.
We love you baby girl.

Re: Here's what it says,

I posted a comment back to the jerk, I was nice sort of. This guy has s--- for brains I know for a fact the authorities do not just arbitrarily arrest people especially for murder. If they went around arresting people without any evidence against them they would have a ton of law suits on their hands. This guy is just talking to hear himself talk.
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