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I am glad to see it printed Bette. I also thought that when I read it again, the part where his mom said that there were children without their fathers.....well, their fathers put them in that position by not thinking of them before they pulled a trigger. Damien had a child too and Timmy would have one day. You keep fighting for Timmy.

Re: link

Thanks, I thought the same thing when I read that part. I noticed on the link at the bottom is a comment section, I think you have to sign up like an account for it, I did it before on one but did an anonomous name (sp?) LOL

So true though, I wish i could move.

PS, I took my pc apart and the usb bubble disappeared again, I think there is definitly something wrong with my usb ports!


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Glad to see your reply just hope the mother of the murders read and take to heart.
It would be a very hard thing to do, to accept the fact that your child murdered someone. And naturally most parents would love their child no matter what, but accept it and don't throw stones at the murder victim's family. If anything this mother should be on her knees asking for forgiveness not only from you but from God.
Good Job Bette
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: link

Barb....way to go in the comments section. I thought it was great and to the point. I think it wonderful that you commented as an observer and gave a perspective for people who were not there to get an idea of what happened.

Re: link

OMG Barb, you go girl! That was the best and I read it out loud to my son, he was like Wow good for her.

Thanks for the support, having mom's like you guys around me keeps me strong. I'll tell you that letter really put me down, it was like smacking me in the face for what your kid did to mine, like we were the criminals. And Barb is so right in what she said about the court room, they acted like they were the vicitms and we were the "bad" people who did this to them. Like I told one girl when she asked me to talk to the other guy's g/f a while back, I said why? why what would I say, I didn't arrest them. but seems to me they think that and treat it that way. It was total drama and I can't imagine going thru trial with these people. Just that one day, put me thru the mill, I hadn't slept and remmeber just getting up at 5am taking my shower and just standing there crying, there was no way I could make it to work. I was completely and totally drained by the whole ordeal and how these people were to us. Barb, thank you so much for "sticking" up for us. And most of all for being there for me and my family. I will always treasure that support you gave us.

Timmy's mom