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Re: Does anyone have information on this?

The best thing would be to get it added to the crime victims rights constitution for each state. The first thing I guess would be to construct a good list and then maybe start on our own supplying to agencies like the police dept etc. and of course the victim advocates and homicide support groups. Kim if you have taken on the task of constructing a list, I will send you a list of items that I feel strongly about. Just let me know. Thanks

Re: Does anyone have information on this?

I am working on the project of getting the story out about how Moms are treated after their child is murdered. The story of the Forgotten Mom who has to try to fight for her child to receive justice when the system doesn't see us as a victim who has had their child taken away. I am also putting together the list for phone and addresses.

I don't mind putting together a list if we need one. Anything that I can do to help, I am willing to. I think it is a great idea to get this information to the advocates in our areas. Just let me know what is needed and I will do it.
This is important information to get out.

As a State Employee in California it looks like I will be furloughed two days a month so I will have some extra time to help with anything we need to get going.