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Sorry but I have to ask

Ladies please do not post your address on the messageboard, it worries me. Please send you address by email to whoever you wish to have it.

Sorry but I worry about all the crazies out there.

Re: Sorry but I have to ask

Oops didn't think of that!

Re: Sorry but I have to ask

so sorry i did not think of it until i post mine thanks debbie

Re: Sorry but I have to ask

i am sorry also!!!forgot,so much on my mine!!!

Re: Sorry but I have to ask

Thanks Deb. I was concerned as well. Please remember ladies, they do google our children and if you have listed your child's name here then this will come up in that google search. We don't want them to have our personal information. Can I also suggest that if you have an ongoing case that you not put what happens in court on the thread? We will have our email list soon and can share that with our support by email. My worry on that is that we could hurt our child's case on the ones that are in the process right now. I'm talking about the details, not the questions we have. I may be paranoid right now, but we don't know everyone who reads these posts and I know none of us want to hurt our kids cases. I hope that made sense and I got it out the way I meant it. :)