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Wait until you read this one!

Mom: Suspects in the

Clark murder didn’t do it

I am writing to inform you that there are two sides to every story and I would like my side to be heard. I am the mother of Robert McDowell and mother-in-law of Gerald Drummond, both of the boys accused of murdering Damien Holloway and Timothy Clark.
I was under the impression that in the United States of America a person is innocent until proven guilty. My boys are sitting in jail, innocent of any crime, being beaten and abused for confessions since the prosecution lacks true evidence. Three known drug addicts have been offered reduced sentences for their testimonies that are nothing but hearsay.
Four families have been destroyed over all of this. I read in the paper about Timmy Clark. What about Damien? His life was lost, too! Gerald’s niece is Damien’s daughter, and my daughter Tara and Gerald always took the time to care for her.
My children (all five of them) went door to door to collect money to help pay for both Timothy and Damien’s funerals and go toward reward money to find the real killers. Gerald went to both funerals, and after seeing Timmy Clark with bare feet in his casket, Gerald took his shoes off and placed them on Timmy’s feet. He also spoke at Damien’s funeral. Does that sound like a murderer? Does that sound like a cold-blooded racial killing?
There is no evidence that my two boys killed these individuals. Three heroin addicts were offered "get out of jail free cards" while my daughter was tortured for hours by the homicide detectives and coaxed to sign a statement. She did not, even after she was shown pictures of her dead father and beaten.
As far as Erica Marrero’s signed statement, she was told the police were taking her daughter from her. They locked her up for 12 hours and threatened her until she broke and signed their statements. Is this how Philadelphia homicide police work? They beat out confessions and sell their souls to the devil for a victory? They fish for suspects and hold innocent men in the hole on verbal statements from drug traffickers and junkies?
How many lives need to be destroyed by this crime? There are two men in jail with four little babies that have no father now. Why? All because three users saw an opportunity to get out of jail? To maybe collect some reward money?
My heart goes out to all of the families who are suffering because of this. My husband was shot and murdered almost the same way. I know how it is to live with this pain every day of your life. I would never wish this on anyone.
My heart aches for the Holloway and Clark families. I hope and pray that one day Philadelphia homicide police really do catch the real killers. Please do not stop searching, because the real person or persons are still out there!
Theresa Merlo


Re: Wait until you read this one!

Dear Bette
Was she at the same pre trial that we were at? I saw nasty,screaming,threatening,low life,non sympathetic souls there.Her description of her "BOYS" is so evidently warped that no one believes her Crap any way.Don't upset yourself too much as they were held and that is the bottom line.If they didn't have the evidence they needed those "BOYS"would have gotten bail.I'm so fired up at this pathetic attempt on her part to lie and make up stories to put her "BOYS" in a better light.Her funeral shoe story is enough to let everyone know she is grasping at straws and most definetly crazy!!!!!!!!!!!Many hugs and love your way Bar

Re: Wait until you read this one!

This is just the first of many lies the family and friends of these murdering POSs will try to get people to believe.
Even someone who has never heard a thing about this case could tell by reading this it is a bunch of CRAP!
The jury will see through the lies also hang in there justice will be yours.
Love and Hugs
Shirley Jimmy's momma

Re: Wait until you read this one!

You know it's crap, I know it's crap and she knows it's crap. Here's another way of looking at it. We lost beautiful wonderful kids, we have wonderful memories that will always help sustain us she has a boy who is a murderer and the only thing she has to hold on to is maybe just maybe he didn't do it. Who wants to believe their child is a monster, a cold blooded murder, a useless piece of -hit.Of course it's all lies but in her warped and tormented mind she can't except that she is the mother of a BOY who would do this.The jury will see through it, the police have a lot more than they are giving up, you can bet on that. That is why it took so long to make an arrest. Hang in there keep your head held high and go into this with love and dignaty
With love and light

Re: Wait until you read this one!

OOOHHHH, man! What a crock of garbage! Naturally she lied, and there is more thatn two sides to any story, there may be 50! Only one is true. This woman was not there so everything she says if a pile of horse crap. Ask her for the so called money, ha see where that gets you and that comment about the shoes, man I wanted to bust her across the lip. That part really got me. I knew that was a lie. Bette, I'm so sorry. I can't believe she would say these things. And if that dirty boy took his shoes off and got them anywhere near my boy I'd shove them up his giggy where the sun don't shine. I mean really, does she really think people who read this will believe it. I don't know about the evidence but from what I read they seem to be the murderes. Maybe she missed that article.
She talks about the police beating and threatening, so why not take it up with them? Does she have proof? I suppose she was there and saw the beatings and heard the Threats. Man, four little babies have no father!!!!!!!!!!!! What about the innocent ones ,,, Timmy, he was murdered for what? FOR NOTHING!! I hate big mouth people full of nothing. Nothing but looking for a way to get the murderers out because they are from their family. At this point I don't believe her husband was shot and murdered. That's probably a lie too. Just to get sympathy. Maybe the same two shot her husband since she says it was done almost the same way. Then she says her heart aches for your family. Her heart is no where near your pain, she looking for a way to make people believe her son and the other guy are innocent. She better be glad I'm not one of the jurors. Oh Theresa, My heart bleeds for you,,,,,,,,, NOT!
Bette, When are you going to post your rebuttal. I have to read it.
This is a must!!!!!!
I'm so sorry they took your Timmy from you. I have words many words but none of them will bring him back. because if they could,,,,,,,,,, they would be here.
love you girl

Re: Wait until you read this one!

Bette, they grasp at straws. That is what they do because they cannot face that they raised a monster who would take another person's life. You can see that she is grasping. I do have to say the shoe thing is weird. I know that when my mom died they told us that they do not put shoes on them unless the family really wants them to because no one sees them anyway and they are sometimes hard to get on them. I suppose every place is different. Kaylin was not buried in shoes either because they had her in a body bag under her clothes because of the autopsy. I cannot see this guy just taking off his shoes right there to put on Timmy. Do they open the complete casket for viewing there? I cannot even picture that as being true and I bet most won't either. The truth will come out because they will not be able to hide who they really are.