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LISA sent us an Angel

I just wanted to tell all the moms I hope you all made it through this past difficult month. Now we can concentrate on meeting each other sometime later this year....we talk about it but we should really try and get something together. We could have one big meeting in Arkansas...but we could also try and schedule a seperate meeting for East or West Coast for those who can't go to the one in Arkansas due to conflicts in schedules,trials,etc. The POMC has an annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio August 21-23 and that too could be an opportunity for us to get together for anyone who would be interested in attending. Just something to think about...I know we at times kid about it but we should really do it. Over Christmas Lisa sent us an Angel...we found it on a wall in our house....it is still there and either appears to be 3-D or in the company of other angels. We took pictures of it last week but it did not come through but there were orbs similar to those we found on our Christmas photos we took this year so we know it was from Lisa...we have never had those "orbs" in any of our pictures in the past before Lisa went to heaven. Today we took some more pictures and were able to capture the image...it is not a shadow and very visible by the eye...the wings have a shape resembling a butterfly...also today we noticed there appears to be a shape of a person to the left of the angel by the frame of the window...not in full...a body shot not sure about that but we tried to capture that image as well. We took the pictures in different lights to show the image is not a reflection but actually an image on the wall. I do believe she was with us this Christmas and always has been and always will. I am selfish and most times don't feel that is enough but I am also very grateful that she is trying to let us know she is okay and will always be with us. I just wanted to share this with all the moms and hope all is well with everyone.
Laura & AV

Re: LISA sent us an Angel

I just looked at the angel pictures gave me chills I guess our angels come to us in different ways. I hear Jim sometimes not like we have a conversation just in my mind it is like he comes to me and tells me things. How wonderful to have the angel image I hope it stays forever for you.
Jimmy's Mom

Re: LISA sent us an Angel

Laura..I know your angel was here and always will be here for you and her sis's...she will forever watch over you/us...I know in your heart that you believe that...hold on tightly to that as we move forward on this lonely,sad,and devasting road...I will always be here for you and our girls I love you guys so much..you are the strongest woman I know and we all will pull from that strength...love you guys...