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Hope For The Day

It's the end of another year and so many thoughts go

swirling through our minds. For many, it has been a

difficult year - job loss, loss of friends, loss of a home,

loss of health, and possibly one of the most lasting

losses of all - the loss of a child. For some there will

be no celebration at the end of the year - only a lot

of tears for those dreams that were stolen away so


How does a person move on? How can a person move

into the New Year with joy when so much sorrow

surrounds the heart? It's not easy, but it helps to

remind yourself often that you are never, ever alone in

your pain. There are times when we feel alone, but the

truth is that we are surrounded by hope and it is there

for us whenever we call out for help.

Look at nature in any season and be reminded of the

One who is in charge. Look at the majesty of the

starry sky at night and know that you are counted among

the stars. Listen to the sounds of the wind rustling through

the trees and hear the whisper of God letting you know He

is by your side. Look for the rainbow painting the sky

and be assured that you have not been forgotten. Remind

yourself often that hope is stronger than your pain! -C. Hinton

"For every tear you cry, there is a seed of hope being watered."

--Clara Hinton

"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me." --Psalm 61:a

Re: Hope For The Day

Thank you for posting this is so true.