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Learning to cope

Hi Moms, with every new day I'm learning to cope with the fact that my heart will never heal,yet i can't let those murders steal my baby memories from me.I have join a group of strong mothers who has suffer the same senseless muders of thier children and we go to local schools talking to students letting them see the faces behind the victims and what we go through every single day. We ask them to think before they go down that path of no return.It's hard at times but if we can stop one child from /family from going through this heartache then Joshua would not have die in vain.
Love Alee

Re: Learning to cope

I think that is something so good to be doing and God bless you and the other's for taking the time to help others. Maybe oneday I will do the same but I still can't make it out of the front door. God bless you,your family R.I.P TO ALL OF OUR ANGELS. Terry (Cedric's)Mom

Re: Learning to cope

yes alee ,you can do it. that was something i was thinking about doing .if it is just me i can make a change in a young person life by telling my story not to just my sons school all the school up here.my love and hugs joann hubert mom.