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My Baby was born on Christmas Day!

Hi Moms.
I want to wish all the moms here a very blessed Christmas because I don't know if Christmas will ever be Merry again for me because It is my baby's (Reggie's)birthday and I have cried all day.It is so hard,I keep looking at the door,I see him coming in but I know he is not coming, it's just his spirit.I had one of his daughters today and look like when I saw him, she started running around the front room laughing and saying you can't catch me but there was nobody there but me and her,she was really tickled,I just said maybe she saw him too.I usually cook but I just couldn't and this is the first year since I started cooking that I didn't cook on Christmas and I started cooking big dinners when I was 16 years old but, I still baked his chocolate cake and tonight I will stay up tonight just to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I know his Christmas will be Merry because he is having a good time with Jesus.I will light a candle tonight to remember my baby on his birthday and We all got our t-shirts so we can wear them on his birthday, so he will still be with us wherever we go.Thank you all so much for just being there,have a blessed Christmas,and know that nothing will carry us through like JESUS WILL!

Re: My Baby was born on Christmas Day!

and you do the same ,yes your granddaughter did see her dad ,children can see when we can't,you are going to be alright reginald is with you always and have a heaven b day reginald,watche over you mom my prayers are with you always joann-hubert -mom.

Re: My Baby was born on Christmas Day!


Re: My Baby was born on Christmas Day!

Wishing your angel Reginald a very Happy Heavenly Birthday. May the Lord bring peace and comfort to your heart today and everyday. God Bless You.

Re: My Baby was born on Christmas Day!


Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers on the extra hard day for you. I'm glad the grand baby was there with you.

To all Moms have the best day you can.

Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: My Baby was born on Christmas Day!

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel! I have a son who turned 21 today, he too is a Christmas Baby. My Timmy, my baby who was killed his birthday is New year's Eve, so we have 2 holiday birthdays. I know it's hard on birthdays, but I think even harder when they are on the holiday itself. Timmy would be 17 this Dec. 31st. he was 15 when killed. I used to tell him he'd have a party every where he went for his birthday, with all the New Year's celebration going on that his birthday would always be one big party from one place to another. he never got to see that.

God Bless and I do pray that you had a peaceful Merry Christmas, I know it is so hard, believe me, I do know.

Timmy's mom

Re: My Baby was born on Christmas Day!

I too understand how you'll feeling Joshua would have turned 21 on christmas eve and all I could was cry,yet when his daughter came over it took some of my heartache away she my bitter/sweet.