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Hi Moms,
I am finally getting a chance to get on the site. School and work has been keeping me busy. I feel like I am studying all the time! Gosh, so much has been going on with everybody. I pray for all you moms and your angels every night. I think about you guys and how everyone is holding up. I know with me this year is alot harder than last year. I am still crying everyday. Not as much but I still shed my tears. Especially when I am driving home from school and work. I am going to school for Medical Assistant and on Thursday we saw a film on childbirth and the tears just would not stop. Then on Friday we saw a film on autopies. OMG. That was really hard. Good thing I sit in the back of the class so no one really noticed my tears. I want to thank you moms for lighting candles for my Gene. Shirley, thank you for the poem. Laura and AV...thank you for the cute graphic. Kim...the video is beautiful. Thank you so much. You are an angel sent from above. It just really warms my heart...when I see the candles. I am sure Gene is very happy that he is being remembered. I am going to sit down tomorrow and light candles for all your angels...and wish them a wonderful Christmas in Heaven with our Lord Jesus and all the angels. Take care everyone and God bless you. Sending love to all.