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Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

Kim Thank you for puting Billy Lee on your slide
show.It is beauitfull.

Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

I finally was able to look at this. You know I cried but atleast I could do it. Thanks for making this. I sent it to all the relatives who have email. John's trial is suppose to start January 6th. Two days before his birthday. It took so long. I pray to god they don't get away with it. I want to be there but I only have a certain amount of days so I'm waiting until they get closer to the middle before I fly out there. JoJO is back in Phoenix, Uncle David sent him back. He has a really bad drinking problem. Makes me glad I was able to quit when I did. My God, how can we go on without our John anymore. Some how I keep thinking he's going to come home anyday. Or call me and say something crazy, like he always did. My love, I miss him so much, and my boy and Julie. It's just not right that they are not here. WE need them to make our lives complete. We need them to have babies and let the family grow.
Hot tears

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

Love the video that picture of Jim always brings tears the look on his face but it is one of my favorite.
You did a great job keep up the good work. Think I will give it a try.
Love and Hugs
Shirley Jimmy's Mom

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

We can never have to many videos of our babies. I cannot make some of the pictures clearer (is that a word?) If anyone would like to email or mail me a picture that shows the faces better if your child's is blurry please feel free to do so. I didn't want to leave them out because the picture was blurred but I can update with a picture that shows their faces better. If you want to be added and I don't have a picture of your child just email me. I don't want to exclude anyone who wants their child represented.

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video


Thank you so very much for making this and for adding my dear son Gerrick, it warmed my heart when I saw it and I am touched, thank you so much.

Kim, if you can make it to one of TCF's candlelightings, please go. It is very special and wonderful to be a part of. I can't believe I'v been going since 2004, but I would never miss it. I just want and miss my son so very very much, and another Christmas without him is so so sad and hard to deal with.

Love to you Kim, and thank you. It is just beautiful and I love it. You did a wonderful job, that was very thoughtful of you.

Love from Gerrick's Mom, Diane

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

I put the video on John's website. Is that ok.
I just wanted everybody to see it if they wanted to. I love the song and everything.

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

Thank you so much Kim:

December 18 was Terrell's Angel Date and I have been so sad that I haven't had the strength to do anything. What a wonderful gift you gave me to see Terrell on the video. Thanks for keeping my son's spirit alive. To me the video validates that all our sons and daughters are together and that thought while saddens me to know so many beautiful young people were taken from this earth by the hands of demons, I am comforted knowing my son is counted among the good ones.

God Bless You and all the MOMS.
Tracey (Terrell's MOM)

Re: Worldwide Candle lighting for MOMS/d video

Patricia of course. Anyone who wants to put it on their own spaces please do. I am so glad that ya'll liked it and I hope to have the revised version done soon.