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I received appellate briefs today

I just want to warn all of you that havent reached the appellate stage yet. If you are sent written briefs, be prepared to read a graphic summary of the crime, and trial. I wasnt warned in any way. I want to take my fingers and pull his murderer's eyes out.
I am devastated all over again. But now, I am not as broken as I was at the trial, and I am gd angry. I dont care what anyone thinks,,when someone murder's your CHILD,,at ANY AGE, you have the right to be ANGRY!
I am going to scan parts of the briefs,and add them later on today to Joshua's memorial site under the timeline section. I will be blacking out any name of the murderers, and the racist gang they are in. They will NOT get any recognition from this family. I love you all,,keep your heads up, your children LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH. Let their love be your strength.
Josh U's mom/soulfriend

Re: I received appellate briefs today

You are so right we do have the right to be angry and it doesn't matter what age they were at the time of their death they are still our babies. By the time this POS gets to the appellate stage I will be dead and gone and with my Jimmy. The little creep that murdered my son will DIE in prison, and that sutes me just fine.
Hugs Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: I received appellate briefs today

What is an appellate brief? all this trial stuff all new to me.


Re: I received appellate briefs today

After conviction, all murderers appeal it. (I have never heard of a convicted murderer refusing to appeal!) The first appeal(request for a new trial) is in front of the judge that presided over the trial, then if denied, then that decision is appealed. If that is denied, then it goes to the criminal court of appeals, which is where we are at now.
Anyway, the defense attorney has to submit a written appeal with the reasons they are appealing. The state (prosecution) then submits their reasons why a new trial should not be granted. The state attorney general's victim/witness liason will send you a copy of the written appeal/response/briefs.
A lot of times there are hearings in front of the supreme court judges, Joshua's murderer's was scheduled for Tuesday, and the defense att waived oral argument at the last minute.
I hope this helps some. We will see what happens now.
Usually they appeal three times, and it is over. But, essentially, they can appeal forever,coming up with lame ass reasons. It is rediculous, a waste of our state's money, and traumatic to the family of the victim.

Re: I received appellate briefs today

I am so sorry that the injustice system plays with our sanity...and our ability to heal in peace playing with Josh's justice like it is some game...here it is...here it isn't and we have to pay for this ridiculous and pathetic attempts to keep them from paying for their crimes. We were told that the evaluation could take longer as they want to be sure that all appeals will be denied because if the "rush" him to trial and he is not "ready" then he could appeal...which I am glad you posted as it seems no matter what they are going to anyway...and there is a better chance of them being denied. I just love you attitude...you need to come in the chat room with it as I know it would be appreciated!...Perhaps because I agree totally with you WTF that was great...My daughter wasn't ready to be killed and we were ready for her "to be in a better place"....the best place for her I feel is in my arms but now I can only have that at night in my dreams after I go to bed picturing her lying on the floor and hearing her screams which is nightly. I am glad you posted because I like to be prepared for what is going to happen next whether I like it or not and no matter how bad it is I want to be as prepared as possible and because of all the wonderful moms helping us I am always more prepared and able to handle things than I could ever be without everyone. Many thanks and much love sent to everyone...Yvonne we will be thinking of you and love to have you in the chat room...I know I am repeating myself and rambling....
Laura & AV