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Here is another article for one of the local papers

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God Bless
Timmy's mom

Two held for trial
in Clark murders

By William Kenny
Times Staff Writer

Timmy Clark wasn’t old enough to drive a car, let alone join the military.
But in the distorted view of one of his alleged murderers, the Tacony teen "was just a casualty" in a racism-fueled war between a black man and the brother of his white girlfriend, according to court testimony heard last week.
At the end of a contentious preliminary hearing on Dec. 10, Municipal Court Judge James M. DeLeon ordered two Tacony men to stand trial on general murder charges stemming from the execution-style shootings of Clark, 15, and friend Damien Holloway, 27, on July 13, 2007.
Gerald Drummond, 24, of the 6800 block of Tulip St., and Robert McDowell, 26, of the 6400 block of Edmund St., are being held without bail because they are charged with a capital offense. No trial date has been set.
Tension filled the courtroom as DeLeon warned the defendants repeatedly about motioning toward and attempting to communicate with witnesses and members of the audience during breaks in testimony.
The judge threatened to gag Drummond and McDowell if it continued.
Meanwhile, in a gallery separated from the litigants by bullet-proof glass, there was sporadic verbal sparring between supporters of the defendants and attendees who were family and friends of the victims.
Drummond and McDowell allegedly cornered Holloway and Clark on the 6900 block of Vandike St. at about 2:20 a.m. as the victims walked to Clark’s home after visiting a nearby convenience store.
Holloway was living with Clark and his family on the 6800 block of Vandike St. Clark worked for Holloway’s lawn service.
McDowell, the brother of Drummond’s fiancée, pulled a gun on the victims as he and Drummond ordered them to their knees.
Then Drummond allegedly took the gun and shot each victim once in the head.
In the absence of any known eyewitnesses, police homicide detectives spent more than a year investigating the case before developing enough evidence to arrest the suspects last Sept. 6.
During last week’s hearing, witnesses after the fact testified under questioning by Assistant District Attorney Christine Wechsler that Drummond had a "beef" with Holloway, who had fathered a child with Drummond’s sister Andrea before that relationship went sour.
Holloway, who was black, fist-fought with Drummond, who is white, on at least one occasion, with Drummond getting the better of it, said Thomas Zehnder, a close friend of Holloway’s and former neighbor of Drummond’s. Later, Holloway’s brother got the better of Drummond in another fistfight, Zehnder said.
After the killings, Drummond told acquaintances that, "The ****** got what he deserved," according to Nicole Penrose and Amy Rudnitskas, who identified themselves as close friends of Drummond.
Rudnitskas, who is the mother of two children with Drummond’s older brother, David, said that Holloway and Andrea Drummond lived with Drummond’s mother, Shirley, at one point. Rudnitskas and David Drummond lived there at the same time, she testified.
Penrose, who said she considers Drummond "like my brother," testified that he admitted to her on three occasions that he pulled the trigger. The first time occurred when she saw Drummond using a cloth to carry a gun into his basement through a secret trap door in his living room.
Drummond told her he "had to get rid of it" and planned to dispose of the gun in the Delaware River, Penrose claimed.
The witness testified that Drummond later told her how he and McDowell got the jump on Holloway and Clark. McDowell had the gun, but "bitched up" and couldn’t bring himself to shoot the victims, Penrose said, so Drummond did the deed.
"The only reason the little boy got shot was because he was a witness," Penrose said.
Rudnitskas said that Drummond described Clark "as just a casualty."
Zehnder testified that he heard Drummond tell a group of people at a house party that "He laid them down and killed them. He said he was tired of (Holloway’s) s—-. I wasn’t clear on why he had a beef.
"He said it was a loose end he had to tie up pretty much."
Drummond also boasted about the murders.
"He said he was an ‘O.G.’ now," Zehnder testified.
In street slang, O.G. is short for "original gangster."
A fourth witness, McDowell’s fiancé, recanted her own signed statement to police implicating McDowell and Drummond in the murders.
When called to the stand by Wechsler, Erica Marrero strode through a courtroom aisle while muttering comments under her breath and pointing at someone in the Clark and Holloway contingent.
Marrero testified that McDowell was at the couple’s home throughout the night of the murders and was "producing music" with a friend until about 2:30 a.m.
In her signed statement to police, Marrero said McDowell told her that he and Drummond committed the murders. But in court, Marrero claimed that cops fabricated her statement and that she signed it under duress, fearing she might lose her child or a new job if she didn’t do it.
"I did it just to get out of there. I didn’t even read it. I just signed it," Marrero pleaded to the court amid an outburst of tears.
"This is the first one I’ve seen like this," Judge DeLeon noted. "It may not be the last, but it’s the first."
Adding another layer of intrigue to the case, each of the witnesses admitted to being addicted to drugs around the time of the murders or in subsequent months as the victims’ families pleaded publicly for someone to step forward with information about the case.
Penrose, known on the street as "Nic-Nac," said she was a heroin addict and dealer who used to sell dope to Zehnder and Marrero. She testified that Gerald Drummond sold heroin, too.
Authorities in Cape May County, N.J., imprisoned Penrose this year on drug charges.
She remained in custody until last week when New Jersey authorities dropped the charges in exchange for her cooperation in the Clark-Holloway case. Penrose said she had not spoken with anyone from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office about the murder case.
Marrero told the court that she was in drug rehab from January to April this year.
Rudnitskas testified that she had spent years addicted to heroin and was "messed up on drugs" when she heard Gerald Drummond discuss the murders. She claimed she’s been "clean" for two months.
Zehnder, who is known by the nickname "Turtle," told the court that he’s now serving jail time, but he didn’t specify his crime. He admitted having been an intravenous heroin user, but was not high on the drug when he heard Drummond discuss the murders. He had smoked some marijuana that night, however.
Drummond’s attorney, Allan J. Sagot, argued that the testimony of prosecution witnesses is unreliable.
"All we have is after-the-fact conversations between drug users and dealers, and who knows what condition they were in?" Sagot said.
McDowell’s attorney, Daniel H. Greene, argued that his client should not face trial for first-degree murder because he didn’t fire the fatal shots.
"There has been testimony that he had a gun (and) that he didn’t have the heart — (that) he couldn’t do it," Greene said. "You cannot assume that there’s shared criminal intent when (witnesses) have said over and over again that he couldn’t do it."
DeLeon upheld the capital charges against McDowell, noting that, according to witness testimony, he introduced the gun to the confrontation and took part in the "set-up" of the executions before the gun changed hands. ••
Reporter William Kenny can be reached at 215-354-3031 or bkenny@phillynews.com

Re: Here is another article for one of the local papers

Bette I am so sorry. There are just no words. How can people like this just go on with their lives bragging and not caring? I don't understand how some people can be so heartless and cold blooded to not care about another human being. I hope that they rot in jail. I hope that they meet some real OG's and get the take down they deserve. I am sorry but scum like this deserve nothing good in life. I pray for justice for your sweet baby.

Re: Here is another article for one of the local papers

I am so sorry you have to keep going through this and they are so arrogant and so cold about the loss of such a beautiful life. When asked our advocate said that was the worst part about Lisa's killer...he was so non-chalant and indifferent about taking her life...as if they were just doing an everyday occurence...this society has loss the respect for life and it is only getting worse it just makes you sick...Stay strong "crazy lady" because you are one step closer to justice for Timmy and we will see how cocky they are when they get with the real "bad boys" that aren't pathetic cowards like them and they can't shoot someone just because they are stronger than they are or a different color...how soon they might be in those shoes and see how it feels...we can only hope...All of our love. Laura & AV