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Re: Bette my thoughts are with you today

Bette I am so sorry for the loss of your Timmy.
I do not know how they do there .but we heard more from the pretrail than we did at trail.Hang in there .I PRAY they getmax & that will be to good.
Take care & know we all here will have you in our prayers.

Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Bette my thoughts are with you today

Dear Sweet Bette
I was waiting till you were ready to share in what happened at Timmy's pre-trial.I pretty much thought it was a disgrace and I wanted to run up and hug you when they told of how Timmy died.Your sister's loving arms were around you and I hope you felt mine from behind you.The thing about Timmy is he is the youngest of our angels that have been writing recently and therefore I feel like he is all of ours.Our baby Timmy.Even the witness's were calling him a kid.That's good cause the judge hears all that he was just a kid,just a baby.I don't believe the cruelty of the defendants family.Instead of trying to act a little remorseful they were showing what they are made of-TRASH.I sat and wondered how these guys could be so indiffernt and then seeing their relatives I wondered no more-apple doesn't fall far from the tree.Everyone stated Timmy was just loose ends to clean up and that they weren't after him so while there is no argument for taking a life,they had absolutley none and were still acting the fools. I actually wanted to rip the blonde's pony tail off but I didn't want to do or say anything to hurt the case.I was happy to meet you and you were just as I had pictured Bette.You have a lovely family and I'm sure they will be there as well as us Moms for anything you might need.Thank you for allowing me to meet with you and I look forward to talking with you again.May God Bless you and keep you.Many Hugs your wayBarb/Nicky's MOM

Re: Bette my thoughts are with you today

Bette I read the articles and I am so sorry. I wish I could just hug you and help take some of the hurt you are feeling. I cannot believe that they acted that way. One warning should have been all they received. My heart breaks for you and you remain in my prayers.