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Heart Breaker

Yesterday Sandra Jimmy's daughter was looking at a picture of Jim she said "Grandma I wish that man didn't shoot my daddy." Then went on to explain to me what her daddy would have done to the bad man if he hadn't had a gun. She said "My daddy would have twisted him like a pretzel, he woulda put his legs in different places." A little while later she asked me
"Grandma what did my daddy wear to his funeral?" I told her he had on a pair of levis and a nice black shirt with his belt and the ACDC belt buckle he liked. She seemed satisfied with that. We had some snow yesterday not much but she ran outside and and caught some on her tongue. I told her that her daddy sent that snow just for her. She doesn't get snow because she lives by the ocean. Sandra and I put the tree up and all the time we were working on it I was angry not with her just at the situation, I had to hold back the tears because I didn't want her to see. This should be a happy time espically for the little ones and I will do my best to keep it together for her. Kids shouldn't have to grow up without their daddys!!
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Heart Breaker

Shirley believe me I understand the anger. I know that the pain of anger is deep within us and can come out at any time.

This should be a time of joy, the birth of Christ, yet we are filled with pain and sorrow. The only joy I can feel in myself is to know that Timmy is with Jesus and is watching over me, he loved Christmas and I find the little memories of the Christmas' we had to help get me thru it. I cried so hard today showing one of his friends the CD I made for him, and his friend was just speechless he did not know what to say, but thank you for the CD. I can't imagine how the friends pain is in their heart to lose someone young and someone they also cared about. But time for young people heal better in their hearts, for me it seems the hole will never close. It is constant.

The best I can offer to you is hang on to those memories and the great stories you can tell you Jimmys little girl.

God Bless
Timmys mom

Re: Heart Breaker

How true that is that you should have Jim and being sharing the good stories about her daddy and not explaining why he isn't here with your family. You do have a part of Jimmy in her and it is a very precious part so I know you will be able to keep it together for her and Jimmy will be helping and always watching over you. All of our love
Laura & AV

Re: Heart Breaker

Dear Shirley
How sad it is for the children as well as the parents.Nicky didn't have any children which on one hand I used to wish he had so I could have a little Nicky or Nicolette running around but then I feel as though how could I look in their little eyes and begin to explain the evil that is in this world.They are robbed of their innocence at such an early age.Hang in there Shirley you will always know the right thing to say because Jimmy will guide you.Many Hugs your way Love Barb/Nicky's MOM

Re: Heart Breaker

Barb I had a brief moment of wishing Kaylin had left us more then a granddog but then I realized how selfish that was of me. A child without their parent would be awful. I feel for all these babies who do not have their mama or daddy here. I am so sorry that she is hurting Shirley. I know you are too and that has to break your heart even more. I know you will share with her how wonderful her daddy was and how much he loves her.