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Light A Candle For Your Child!

A friend of mine who lost her son to pneumonia makes some beautiful web pages for moms who have lost children.
This one is for tomorrow night,,Worldwide Candle Lighting, which is always the second Sunday in December.
Here is the link:
It is a beautiful page!
Joshua Underwood's mom/soulfriend

Re: Light A Candle For Your Child!

The pages are beautiful thank you for posting.
Hugs Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: Light A Candle For Your Child!

There is also a remembrance book that is available to post in for today. I left one for MOMS/d.

The link is http://www.compassionatefriends.org/

All day today people will be able to leave their remembrances in this book. Leave a message in memory of your baby if you would like.

Tonight when we light our candle for Kaylin we will light a second one in memory of all the children who are represented her at MOMS/d.

Re: Light A Candle For Your Child!

I will be attending the candlelight vigil tonight. I will keep all your angels in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Sending my love and hugs to everyone of you. God bless you.

Re: Light A Candle For Your Child!

You know I totally forgot about today, but just happened to buy this candle at k-mart it has the scent of Christmas tree, since I put the fake one up. And I had lit it since I brought it home, now I know that deep inside that must have been a reason for me to do this, it was the only candle there that smelled like a Christmas Tree and I've been lookig for one. It's been lit since a few hours now, I will say aprayer for all our angles before i go to sleep tonight. May they all be happy and singing joy until the day we all meet again.

God bless you all
Timmy's mom

Re: Light A Candle For Your Child!

We went to the service in Camarillo. It was beautiful but so many children. One lady said that her child died 70 years ago and she still misses him everyday. I said 70, that was not a typo. Another lady came up to me to tell me that her son died the same way Kaylin did. I guess she recognized Kaylin's picture from the news. I tried to find her to get her name to tell her about this site but we got carried in different directions and I never saw her after that. I hope I can find her. It was so sad. I looked at this program and saw my baby's name there and I just kept thinking that couldn't be right. I left a remembrance for all MOMs on the remembrance book and next year I will take a MOMS/d pictures to light a candle for. So many children. So many pictures and so many families that will never be the same.

Re: Light A Candle For Your Child!

I put a candle on my front porch for all of our angels.
Jimmy's mom