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Five months.


If you copy and paste you can see some slideshows of Kaylin on my myspace.

Today is five months since my baby has been gone. Five months and it feels like an eternity in some ways and like I keep reliving July 1 other days.

Re: Five months.

I know the feeling as we all do and it doesn't even seem possible let alone real that this has happened. Those are two very nice videos that you made for Kaylin. What a beautiful baby she was and you could see her taste for stylish clothes even as a youngster--LoL. As we say what a Cutie-Patutie!Great job on the videos...very sad but very special memories that you will always have of your beautiful daughter. All of our love. Laura & AV

Re: Five months.

Hi Kim, I know what you mean. It has been over 2 1/2 years since Keara was murdered and sometimes I still can't even believe it. There is such a void and I still have major breakdowns at times. We had the third meeting of the suport group I started last night and it does help to be with others who are also trying to deal with this but it is still so awful and so wrong. It is also so exhausting. I would just like to wake up someday and not be dealing with this reality. My heart goes out to you. Darien

Re: Five months.

Yes it does seem like forever doesn't it, it will always seem that way and then some days it feels like it just happened. I still cannot imagine living without him, the pain is always there and I think of him all the time.

I love your videos and it is a beautiful tribute to your daughter. I made a cd up of Timmy, maybe you can tell me how I can get it on to youtube so you guys can see it too.

These are the things that keep us going. Doing things in their memory. I know it has helped me along the way. The 13th of this month will be 17 months. My son also was killed in a July, 7/13/07 and it was a Friday the 13th. And this December he would have been 17 y/o.

I send you many hugs your way and you will be in my prayers. Hold on tight to the sweet memories no one can take that away.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Five months.

The slide shows are great, I know how you feel I feel like I am stuck in December of 07 I re-live that night over and over. You know the if onlys doesn't help though.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Five months.

It never gets very far away from the day they were taken does it?
It seems forever since we saw them, (three yeas for me 11.26), but just a few days since it happened. It is still so fresh.
Sending you all a huge ((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))
Joshua Underwood's mom/soulfriend

Re: Five months.

Dear Kim I can't copy and paste yet so I can't see the videos yet.I have a lot to catch up on once I am fully up and running.I'm sure they are beautiful like kaylin is.I also feel like Shirley like I'm stuck in March of 08.I never moved the calendar it is still on March 08.I can't seem to turn it forward,like time stands still on that date.Hugs your way and God Bless you and your family