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Thank you

and Happy belated Thanksgiving. I want to thank you for lighting candles for my son, and I'm sorry I was not able to do the same. I had the worst Thanksgiving ever, it's just terrible and sad anymore, life is just not the same and the lonliness of my son being gone just eats me up. I feel no joy in the holidays at all anymore.

I'm sorry for not being able to light candle for your children, I'm in a bad place right now, but know that you and your families are always on my mind, thoughts and prayers.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Thank you


For me personally, there is no reason for you to say you are sorry, we understand. There are times I feel I have the strength and will to concour the world and there are times I feel as though taking my next breath will take every ounce of energy I have. We all are able to do things at different times and in different ways.

I woke up very angry at the world yesterday, until I realized Travis' favorite thing about Thanksgiving was my Mom's cheesecake and I'm sure she made a big one for all to enjoy in heaven.

My thoughts are with you and your family, stay strong girl, we are right here with you.

Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Thank you

Don't apologize Bette. Nothing to be sorry for. We all know that some days we just cannot do some things. I am sorry that yesterday was so bad. It was just so sad here. It was not the same. I kept expecting her to walk through the door and when she didn't, I had to make myself join in the conversation and not stare at the empty chair and place setting. We truly live second by second and we understand. We love you Bette.

Re: Thank you

I agree no apology needed I didn't light candles until today, I was to sad yesterday and had already cried and cried I needed to be strong for my family and knew if I tried to light candles I would just start crying again. I too kept waiting for Jim to walk through the door my heart was breaking all day.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom Shirley