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Never could have made it Video

Just wanted to let you moms know that I have revised the video and added some more angels and a few other surprises. It is not complete as I have more pictures to add but it is getting closer to being done. Let me know what you think,suggestions, etc. Hugs to all and Happy Thanksgiving
Lisa's Mom

Re: Never could have made it Video

It is on Lisa's Memory Page Moms Video 11/27. It is not on Youtube yet.

Re: Never could have made it Video

Well it's not playing right for me, can't even see the pics :( I tried at work too, and it won't even let me play the one on youtube, could be their firewall. I'm so disappointed I can't see it.

Timmy's mom

Re: Never could have made it Video

Laura and AV

Once again you have done a beautiful job on the video.
Thank you for taking to time to put this together, it's bitter sweet.

Travis' Mom

Re: Never could have made it Video

It is amazing Laura. It is sad to see so many of our babies there. :( Thank you for adding Kaylin. :)

Re: Never could have made it Video

Laura, I just got to see it today and it is soooooo beautiful and the ending is so fitting with the mothers of murdered sons logo as well as the candle and Debbie being acknowleged...I love how you made it.
Thank you so very much for adding my dear son Gerrick. That means the world to me. Love to Lisa, you, AV and family. You all are wonderful for doing this in light of your Lisa being taken so soon, please take care doing these hard holiday times.

I have every single murdered child in my heart, past, present and future. It's so very sad... Please remember to light your candle for National Children's Candlelighting day in December. I will have all your children with me, and will wear my shirt.

As always, thank you Debbie, I'm glad I found this website when I did.

Re: Never could have made it Video

I want to thank you for adding my Josh to the video, it is truly bittersweet to see all the beautiful angels who have been taken from us. During the holidays it is so hard to find any joy for us, however this was truly a labor of love and I for one very much appreciate it. Bless you for taking this on and being so creative.
Luv n hugs

Re: Never could have made it Video

hi laura,so beautiful!!!it took my breath away!!i saw it last night,ms.joann told me how to find it ,i cry so much,just breath takeing,thank u for adding tony,i love his picture!!happy hoilday's to you and your family!!

Re: Never could have made it Video

Laura check your email.