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Re: 2nd Degree Murder

Beverly It is so true you hope you will feel better,
but you only feel empty.I pray she gets a long
sentence.Maybe tho you can put your child to rest. I
WISH WE COULD .Guess that will never happen tho.
No mater what she gets it is never enough. Take
care . Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: 2nd Degree Murder

Don't be surprised when the sentencing is put off for a week or two even a month, the defense will try anything to put it off. Just have faith she will be in prison for the rest of her miserable life right where she belongs. Also probation can ask for a few more years that is how the POS that murdered My Jimmy got 48 to life that life tail means they will never get out.
I know what you mean about feeling empty but it did bring some peace to my heart now my son can rest in peace. Hang in there it will be over soon.
Sending Hugs your way
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: 2nd Degree Murder

Beverly I am glad that she is going away and that you are happy with the sentence. It doesn't bring them back and the only thing that changes from what I can tell is that the idiots who hurt them are no longer free to just go about their lives as they want. Sending hugs to you.

Re: 2nd Degree Murder

Dear Beverly
May you and your family find peace somehow someday.Nothing will bring our children back but I'm hoping for some peace that with these animals locked up for the rest of their lives there won't be another mother joined to this messageboard through their actions ever again.Much love and hugs your way.Barb/Nicky's MOM

Re: 2nd Degree Murder

Beverly, I sent you an email, I do wish you the best in this, no nothing will bring out children back and I know that feeling of emptiness I was talking to a mom I know who lost her daughter and said the same thing, when they arrested the 2 guys for Timmy I thought am I supposed to be happy? I felt some relieft for a little while, but it didn't last, the pain of losing him is still there. The only comfort you will know is she will be locked up for the rest of her life and it will be a miserable life. There won't be joy for her there, though she may think it, but freedom of just going out for a walk, looking at the stars, walking into a store, she will never have, and I hope she sees his face every night she closes her eyes. God will punish her, evilness is in her heart for doing what she did. I just wish it did bring us comfort and wish I knew what to say, as I do not. But know you are in my heart and prayers and your son Michael is looking down and very proud of his mom.

God Bless
Timmys mom

Re: 2nd Degree Murder

I do know that feeling of emptiness that you are feeling now. I too thought there would be a feeling of relieve, closeure something but just the real feeling that know matter what happens, it won't bring our kids back. Just know she will never be able to bring the pain you have felt to another family, there is some joy in that.

Re: 2nd Degree Murder

It seems like such a long long time. I just can't understand why it takes so long. Our kids were killed within seconds, yet it takes so long for a conviction. All of our tax money to keep these murderers alive and fed, for what?
I'm glad the trial is over for you Beverly. Also glad of the outcome, if it's ok with you. I would rather see death to them.
Once again sorry for the loss of your beautiful son.
I don't understand the empty feeling, but now that you said it I'll wait and see how I feel.
love to you and your family always.

Re: 2nd Degree Murder


My thoughts are with you, nothing brings are children back, but just knowing this POS will sit in prison for many years unable to hurt someone elses child is some what comforting. My best to you and your family and Michael is watching over you.


Re: 2nd Degree Murder

Beverly, it's so good that Michael's murderer will spend most of her life in prison, she will now have plenty of time to think about what she did and I hope Michael haunts her dreams every night.I know this gives you no real satisfaction and the emptiness is still there in your heart, but your the mother of a good young man and it far better than bring the mother of a murderer, which she has now made her mom. God Bless You.
Jackie Tommy's momma

Re: 2nd Degree Murder


It's great that justice was served and you don't have to face her every court date. It's a true fact, no matter how much time she got, it doesn't matter in the full scheme of things, he's still gone.

My Christopher wouldn't go to court with us, it hurt him too much to see the guy who killed his brother and he said it didn't matter if he got death or let free, it still didn't change the fact that Randy is gone and nothing can bring him back. After everything in court, I realized, he was absolutely right. It's time to put her behind you and just deal with the lose of your precious boy.

Donna, Randy's mom