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And the trashing begins

I know better then to read those comments after a news article but today I did. It just hurts my heart that people who have no idea what happened can just decide they know what should be done. I guess it is just easier to blame the victim huh? I find myself so **** mad. The rational side of me says to just ignore it, the truth will come out and that these idiots don't know everything. The Mama side of me wants to knock their heads together. They are judging based on an assumumption of what happened. I just wanted to go on there and blast them with what we know but I can't. I can't hurt her case, but AFTER. Just wait, a letter to the editor is coming as soon as the trial is over. I just needed to vent. I'm hurt and angry.

Re: And the trashing begins

I am so sorry you are going through this. I guess it wasn't enough for them to judge and blame the victim in the beginning but now again. I know what you mean as the Victims Advocates Books say you have all these "rights" when it comes to the media but you only have the "right" to ask them not to "trash" our kids and they reserve the right to print whatever they want. Over and Over they printed in different papers what the scum Alleges happened that made it okay is his mind to randomly stab & kill Lisa. No where does it say we don't have the Victims version because her opportunity to live and speak were taken away from her. So now when we google her name Does the Memory Page come up, NO, Do the nice articles and the rebutal article that was written, NO, The first one that comes up is the lies that they printed right from the Killers mouth. What is even scarier is the people that read this "crap" and make judgements never even knowing the first thing about the Victim or the circumstances. They are as undeserving to continue drawing breath as those scum who took our babies. In your heart you know the truth and know that your time will come to be Kaylin's voice and you will be heard. Maybe we could roll them all down a steep driveway with a pack of wild dogs at the end somewhere in the backwoods! Bound by our Beautiful Angels

Re: And the trashing begins

Dear Kim and Laura
I guess I'm lucky they didn't even print that my son's killers were caught.At first I thought why isn't that fact in the news? Doesn't my son matter? All this was very low key.Small video of his apartment door crime tape the pizza delivery story.Nothing else.Then when we tried to find an article stating that they were caught nothing.So I guess I'm lucky we know the truth and that's all that matters,no room for what someone else thinks should have happened etc or did they think he was partly guilty.I'm so sorry that you have to go through this but you do know the truth and we do so that is all that really matters.Laura's right you will have your opportunity to lift both your daughter's up so the world knows their story.Remember you will have the last word!!!!God Bless and Hugs your way.Barb/Nicky's MOM

Re: And the trashing begins


We went through the same sh@@, most of the trash was about how my son wasn't wearing a helmet and how he was riding a Harley, so he must have been some big bad biker, who in there eyes deserved to get hit from behind by a car going 70 - 80 MPH. My daughter tried to post rebuttals, but her choices of words were never allowed. They also all assumed my son must have either been drunk or on drugs to out riding his motorcycle at 2 am!!! I thought this was a free country and as long as you were over 18 yrs. old you could be out at 2 am, just to be out.

The local newspaper reporter has taken a liking to my daughter, so the articles are now not so harsh on my son as they are on the POS.

I totally understand your feels, but remember the mentality of the general public.

My thoughts are with you.


Re: And the trashing begins


I have had the same thing lets see.
Jim was a drunk, a dope grower, a drug dealer, a woman beater, a dog killer, a thug, a punk, a bully, he deserved what he got, he should have been burned to death, the videos of Jim are more proof that Marlin is innocent (not sure how that works but whatever) oh yes it goes on and on. Now it is Marlin will be out in no time on appeal he is doing just great, eating well, now has the best legal team in Ca. for his appeal. Getting hundreds of letters from well wishers. On and On I have been called every name in the book by people who don't know me and never knew Jim. I was in a mood yesterday so I got on the topix page and started responding but it doesn't do any good. I know I should just stay off and not read their crap but for some reason I just can't. I finally told some jerk last night he was an idiot and not worth my time.
I just love the way they try to justify murder.
Hang in there we all know the trash they are talking is just that.
Love and hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: And the trashing begins

You know you are right and I called the reporter and told her a good reporter goes beyond the killers story to get the facts and since the killers said one thing, when it happened and changed their story when they started pleading guilty.i asked her did she get her story by sitting in the court room, she said no,I told her then that makes her a liar and she don't have no facts, never did and she need to stop writing.Everybody, including my advocate told me don't read what they print in these papers. To show you how hard these reporters work to get facts,6 years ago when my brother in law was killed, they printed he was shot in the torso and he had actually got shot in the eye.So don read none of that mess,and the people posting on the blog a few of them had negative stuff to say, like one even said he deserve but for the most part,majority of them were at my sons defense,so most of the time, you are gonna come across an idiot who don't know no better,I call them special kind of fools.Be strong,hold on,God bless!

Re: And the trashing begins

One more thought to all the moms on this topic. There are some out there that just go on blogs to stir things up and they actually enjoy in when people reply. That must be how they get off (sorry but that is how I feel). So we too know how hard it can be to just ignore them as mothers we feel the need to protect them. We feel if we reply we are just feeding their sickness and giving them what they want. Don't get me wrong I did sign into one "blog" (even though I didn't have to becuz all her friends called them everyname anyone could think of and then some...even one of her teachers signed in and defended her) and got it all out at once and blasted them!But it just keeps the blog alive and puts it further up the page when you google and that is what they want. It is best although so difficult to let it get buried with all the other Sh*t on the internet.

Re: And the trashing begins

I am not responding even though I want to so bad to defend her, but I know you are right these people who have no idea will just keep it going. The one that bugged me the most was the one that said that they both got high and that even though he was high he tried to save her. BULL!!!!! He NEVER tried to save her, but that will come out. HE IS THE ONE WHO LET HER DIE!!! Had he just taken her to the hospital or let the witnesses help her she would still be alive, and some idiot has the nerve to say that he tried to help her even though he was high? I read the article and I have decided to stay off now so I don't just get madder about it. I have already told my family to stay off. We don't want to hurt her case, but when it is over the gloves come off. You messed with my baby and now I am just waiting for the right time, but I am not going to stay silent forever. For now I have to but the truth will come out. I guess I am just amazed at how willing people are to defend someone for what they did and blame the victim. It makes me ill to think this is what our society is becoming.

Re: And the trashing begins

One thing I must say the media has been very good to me. They kept Timmy's story out there for the longest time, never said anything bad about him at all. I'd send thank you letters to the one local paper and they would print it, anything I could do to keep his name out there and his face out there until the murderer's were caught I did it! The only thing that go me upset when it happened and people said things they didn't know was true. I had it out with a Reverand, yes a man of God, who was gossiping about my son being a drug dealer that's why he got shot, normal people don't get killed. Yes they do, it can happen to anyone anytime because there is evil in this world. I had a screaming match with him on the avenue. boy he looked bad, and I don't care and he still went around doing it. I went to a community meeting and found out that his van got vandalized don't you know he tried to say I had something to do with it right in front of like 50 people, well after all was said I stood up and defended my son and myself. I'm not a mafia mama who would know people to go basebat his van, maybe it was the people in the area that didnt' like what he said or maybe it was just some kids who wanted to vandalize something, don't you dare put my name in that or my son. I had people come up to me at that meeting and tell me how sorry they were, some even gave me money to put towards Timmy's reward fund. I told the community people that I would never attend one of their meetings ever again, I thought being put thru what happened to me that maybe I could help the community with what I wnet thru and give support some how, no never again, they allowed this man to blacken my name and my son's why because he calls himself a so called reverand???? He even said oh yeah he was an "alter boy", hello???? no Timmy wasn't an alter boy, I told him get your facts straight first of all, and being a man of God you aren't suppose to go around judging people you do not know, you do not know me you never knew my son, you are hearing rumors and that's all that it is "rumors" so shut your mouth or I would file a lible suit against you. Jeez I forogt how mad that made me LOL. So some times you need to speak up and then there are times you just got to know you knew who your child was, your family knows, the friends know and the neighbors know and that's all that matters. My detective told me not to listen to the garbage on the street, that every person he spoke with had nothing but good things to say about my Timmy and he spoke to a LOT of people.

Timmy's mom