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Re: to laura{lisa's mom}

angie ernest's site is on memory-of.com and type in ernest n. craytonIII and you can light a candle for him i really would love that so much god bless you so much.

Re: to laura{lisa's mom}

Dear Angie
Thank you for asking about Nicky's guest book.I would love for you to sign his book.Google Phila Inquirer Obituaries.hit top heading and it will give you the recent days obituaries.1/4 of the way down there will be a search request type in Pisano.It will bring up all the Pisano's Frank will be the 1st one.Nicky's is like #3.click on guest book and he has about 12 pages.He only has one picture listed if you click on.That will be changing shortly.Thank you so much for asking.Hugs your way Love Barb/Nicky's MOM

Re: to laura{lisa's mom}

Yes Laura I love when you leave little messages for my Timmy too, it touches my heart when I see messages for my baby. I thank all of you who do this for me. I try as much as I can to do the same, but there are sme days I can't even go to Timmy's memorial it is to hard. But I try!

Barb, I'm going to check out the enquirer too! Timmy was listed but it has expired since for legacy.com he still has a memorial site there I set up and all the things people wrote are listed under that site. We need to meet some day, you are not far from me at all.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: to laura{lisa's mom}

Thank you for all your kind words. When we first started this lonely journey it was so heartfelt when we would go to Lisa's page that was so generously started by her school in Pittsburgh PCI. They sponsored her page for our family. Seeing that others out there were meeting Lisa and showing us their compassion for our loss. We spend alot of time on the computer and her page is our lifeline & therapy and we know what it means to open her page and see visitors. We have met so many wonderful people through it that have lost their children by so many different ways. We are just "paying it forward" so to speak. In the beginning I started doing this with the candles but I spend most of my time working on her website. I cannot take all the credit as Lisa's AV...Aunt Vicki (who has known Lisa since she was born and was like...no WAS a daughter to her too) does all the candle lighting faithfully for all your wonderful angels so I may have more time to "gunk" up her website with Kimis!You all are always in our thoughts and it is our pleasure to be able to help anyone who is on this lonely road with us. All of our love. Laura...Momma Duck & Vicki...AV Swan (we are known as the Duck family...it was our little thing).