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BriansMom & Karen O

I hope you both will read this and be able to come back into the chat room sometime. Like we said in another post sometimes the room can get silly but you always have our attention when you need it if you need to talk, cry, rant, rave or whatever you need to do. I enjoyed talking to both of you ladies and hope that we will have the chance again. BriansMom I tried to find Brian on Myspace but I couldn't I will look again as I would like to meet your son as I have met all the angels. KarenO you have been on my mind all night and I hope you are feeling better today. Know that my (and all the moms) thoughts & prayers are with you. Laura--Lisa's Mom

Re: BriansMom & Karen O

I enjoyed chatting with you guys alot. If you go to my space clik on friends. put in Brian Donahue. He is the one standing in the middle of me and his dad.click on the picture and his page should come up. It's not private so there should be no problem getting it. Please let me know if you see it. Thanks so much. Chat with you later.