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Bette, you inspired me

I have always written things down in my life and I have written a few poems, but Bette I have to admit you have inspired me to start again. I have my journal that I write letters to Kaylin, but I have not written as much lately. Anyway Thursday I was hurting really bad so I wrote some. I thought I would share. If you don't want to read them this is your warning that they are coming up. Ready? Ok

This one doesn't have a title yet. Open to suggestions and I also haven't cleaned either one up well so here they are rough draft and all.

I'm not who I used to be, a little of me died.
On July 1, 2008 when my baby lost her life.
A heartless man, who cared about no one but himself,
Left my little girl alone, hidden without help.
Why didn't you just help her? I'll never understand.
How could you just abandon her? Explain it if you can.
Explain how you could carry her, and leave her all alone,
Instead of just helping her, so she could still come home.
Tell me how you took her dog, her Lady, Noodle Girl.
You dumped her far away from her, that dog was Kaylin's world.
Tell me how you drove away, not caring what you'd done.
Your actions took my child from me, and I am all undone.
I have died a thousand deaths, I'll die a thousand more,
Knowing that my baby girl will not walk through the door.
Tell me how you left her there, to die all alone.
Tell me so I can understand why my baby won't come home.

This is the second one

My Child is Gone

My child is gone,
My heart has stopped.
I can't go on,
Please stop the clock.

Please turn it back,
Oh please for me,
Until once again
My child I see.

I long once more,
To touch her face,
To hear her laugh,
Feel her embrace.

Now my life
Is full of grief,
I cry each day
There's no relief.

My child is gone
My heart has stopped
I can't go on
My child is gone.

Please excuse punctuation errors.

Re: Bette, you inspired me

Those are some beautiful poems and very heartbreaking but so true. The second one without stating the obvious "Frozen in Time" comes to mind and for the first one the first thing I thought was "How could You" (You Piece of Sh**) Sorry about that but it is what popped into my head. I could feel your love for Kaylin in your poems.

Re: Bette, you inspired me

I love your poems.
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Bette, you inspired me

Dear Kim
The morning my son died my husband was talking to him and said he would like to create a small poem book.Nick wrote rap but we all know that is just a form of poetry.Nicky loved the idea.My husbands regret is that he didn't get to do that with his son.I think all you talented ladies should get together and form a poetry book,I bet it wouldn't be hard.Your poems have touched me so why not share them with others who know nothing about this site?Beautiful words Kim for a beautiful soul.You have a wonderful talent.My poems pale in comparison.God Bless and keep them coming Hugs your way.Barb/Nicky's MOM

Re: Bette, you inspired me

Oh Kim, so beutiful, from the heart. Did you feel it helped? To me it was easier than writing in the journal as I haven't done that is such a long time. I'm so glad that you feel I inspired you, it gives me some comfort that I have given soemthing to someone as my whole life was centered around Timmy. Even my other boys always would tell me Timmy is your favorite, no, he was my baby and he had some l/d problems and stuff with school so it just seemed to be that way, but we were so close he was my shadow. I love my boys all the same, but Timmy held a special place because he was my baby and i fought so hard for him with school and he was so sad when he was younger, he didn't have many friends then, but I saw him blossoming, like a butterfly from a cocoon. He transpired into this fine young man and they took it all away, he was just beginning to feel happiness, acceptance, made lots of friends, becoming what he wanted to be, all the girls loved him, it breaks me apart. Your fisrt poem I think Frozen in Time is a good title, it is a question every mom asks over and over again, Why??? One we may never get an answer to, but seeing it on words makes me realize how many of us are always asking, why? why? why? Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Timmy's mom

Re: Bette, you inspired me

Kim, Bette,
You are both so talented, I cry when I read your poems. My God, My God, why did they kill what we most love,,,,,,,,, Please dear God please help us stop hurting so bad!
You know, If I could sell my tears, I'd be a rich Bit__**! How in Gods name can anybody cry so much.
These poems are beautiful. I'm going to write John a poem, after eight years, it's time to write again.
I'm feeling better today, seems all I've done is go to the chat room and post. So far nobody at the chat room. I don't have internet at home.
xoxo You Moms are me life right now.