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a message for tony who sat on the jury.

hi mom's i was so surprised that a juror who sat on jury for the animals who killed my ernest, gosh this is for you tony god bless you so much i am glad that you posted as i did not stay after the one defendant was convicted i really would love for you to email me so i can share some things with you please i hope you come back to this site and read my post i am so thankful for you jurors and your common sense to see thru all their crap, tony you did not get to see his arrogance and how he acted after the jury was excused this would of compelled you more to convict him, i am also glad that ernest was not potrayed as a gang member in court because i stake my life on this he was no gang member by any means at all i was not there for the coroners testimony but i obtained ernest's autopsy report and i know what the jury knows this is so painful he meant more to me than i can tell you i loved this boy and they took him from me i hurt every day and every night i cannot get over this cruel act they committed against my child and you know how old they are much older then ernest was and will ever get to be, tony i would just like to thank you from the depth of my heart for convicting them even though you know akil robbins asked to have a hearing which comes to mind that he thought that since he did not actually shoot ernest he would get less time so he wanted a new lawyer as he is the blame for this whole tragedy he is the one who obtained the vehicle from the young lady and he picked up christopher mathis and his intentions were to do someone some harm too because he also had a gun which was found when he fled the vehicle running he left it under the drivers seat and christopher mathis fled with his in hand so he is just as guilty as monster mathis i have not called the district attorney yet to see what has happened with monster robbins as i know in my heart how could he get any lessor time as he is responsible too, tony ernest is so much missed by my whole family as you could see in court were the close family who helped me raise ernest since the day he left the hospital his grandparents and grandmothers sister was a very big part of his life i raised ernest in my household but his extended family was a big part of his life we all shared in everything that went on in his life as he was growing up thanks to his grandfather i have videos and pictures from his first birthday , sports events with his brothers and all that good stuff to remember him since his grandfather loved to videotape everything.this is a shocking thing to happen in both of ernest's families nobody has ever been murdered in our families at all. i come here it helps alot to be in touch with other mothers who are going thru the same thing even though i cant see any of the moms faces in the flesh we still feel each others pain.
thanks so much for listening and tony please e-mail me at mrsyab@sbcglobal.net