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Re: suggestion for chatroom

I am sorry you have been having trouble with the chat room, I have changed it to hopefully an easier and more user friendly chat room service. Just sign on with a user name and enter a profile if you like (not necessary to enter)after you get into the chat room you can click on the help button if needed. Please let me know if this is still not user friendly and I will continue looking for a better chat room. MOMS who like to chat can maybe set up times to chat even post on the calendar. Please forgive me if I do not chat, my brain and fingers do not communicate very well and definitely not in a timely manner.

Re: suggestion for chatroom

Don't worry Patricia---I banged my head for awhile too until I realized that on the very bottom of the page there are two lines that you must put your mouse between to type. Then when you are done you hit enter and the message should appear on the larger portion of the screen. Your name should appear on the right as well as other names who are in the chat room. Just wait til you get disconnected and it tells you to restart and when you close the room and try to re-enter it tells you that you are already in the room!So I usually make up another name so I can get in and that way I can talk to myself without anyone realizing it! Please don't get me wrong I am not complaining it is a great idea and once we can all get together on it I think it will be fine. It is just like anything else when it comes to the computer you have to first feel stupid, then bang your head, then take a break, if you have a small child or teenager nearby ask them, then go back & regroup. That is my method when it comes to "technology".
Thanks Debbie for everything you have been doing for us moms...I shutter to think where we would be without you. Take care. Laura

Re: suggestion for chatroom

Patrica and I got in the chat room a few hours ago. Thanks Deb, just another thoughtful thing you have done for all of us. It was nice being able to chat with Patrica, we actually made each other laugh.