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Today is Andre's 19th birthday

This is the second birthday that I have missed spending with my son he died 5 weeks before his 18th birthday.I miss him so much.I will bake his favorite strawberry cake today & we are going to send him ballons up to heaven but most of all I will send all of my love up to him.He would have been the same age today that I was when I had him.He was robbed of the gift of having children, he was robbed of so much.We all were its so unfair I can't believe how bad this hurts.I never knew a person could cry so many tears.
Vickie/Andre's mom

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday

Saying a little prayer for you, your family and Andre. May God continue to bless you and heal you. Lots of hugs from me to you. {{{Vickie}}}

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday


I will be think of you and Andre today, my prayers are with you.

Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday

I know the heavens are celebrating Andre's birthday big time, imagine celebrating with the angels and our lord. I am so sorry you have to suffer through this awful pain. I feel as though I have filled the Mississippi with all my tears and they still keep on coming. Love never dies!
Many hugs your way

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday

Vickie, I share your pain in losing your son and spending birthdays without his presense. Memory is the treasure that we Moms hold onto when we can no longer hold our children. God bless you

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday

Happy Birthday Andre! Let your mom know you are with her today like every other day Angel.

Vickie, I'm sorry, it is so painful and hurts more than anyone can comprehend, except for us. It broke my heart to read this post because I know all too well about how our hearts ache. I'v been taking a cake and baloons to my Gerrick every year on his birthday and I do this all alone and have since 2004. I want to celebrate with him and see him eat his cake sooooooo much...I know how you feel today and my heart breaks for you.

Love to you Andre and Happy 19th Birthday!

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday

I'm so sorry, I know the pain you must feel. There are no words to say to comfort your broken heart but you will be in my prayers.

Happy Birthday to sweet Angel Andre, God Bless you always and forever.

Timmy's mom

Re: Today is Andre's 19th birthday

i am so sorry for your loss, happy birthday to your angel andre i know how it feels my rnest was murdered 3 days before his 19th birthday god bless and keep you