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It's goming up on the holidays now. I'm sad. It's almost 4 years that my son's been gone, and yet it's another holiday season coming on. One of the last pictures I have of my son is one from Thanksging Day, he is praying, he's so beautiful....I had the photo enlarged and it hangs above the fireplace.

Now I have to face another batch of holidays with my family incomplete, knowing that my child's killer is a free man, free to celebrate Thanksgiving, free to celebrate Christmas with his friends and family while I and my family suffer.

I am so sad. I wish I knew the words to make the world understand. I know all of you moms understand what I'm trying so badly to say.

I hardly ever come to this sit anymore, but tonite I felt like I needed to connect with moms who wnderstand. Bless you moms, God give you strength through this the worst time of your lives. I hope I can get through this, and I hope you do too.

Re: Holidays

Our family unfortunately knows how you feel. Even though our daughter Lisa's murdered watched her die and waited for the police to arrive and then confessed he is right where he wants to be with all the benefits of the system. He wanted in the mental institute and now that is where he is for who knows how long. Because he is "sick" he must be evaluated until he is competent to stand trial which could be years. Our tax dollars will support this pathetic excuse for a human being while we have to find the strength to go on without her. It was cold blooded and premeditated and he didn't even know her. He even told his Dr. that he wanted to kill someone if they didn't help him. Four investigations later there are still murders occuring from these criminal "patients" that are being pushed out onto the streets and ignored yet those Dr.'s go to their nice little family and sleep at night knowing full well they are letting murders out onto the streets. Each investigation finds they need new programs but somehow claim none of them would have prevented these murders. He was sane enough to be out on the streets and kill but now he isn't "well" enough to stand trial. That is because he knows he will get life. What a mockery the injustice system is and how it accomodates the killers. I know I have rambled but it is so sad what we must go through and only those who are in are shoes will ever totally understand.