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in our hearts, you will always be with us each day until time stands still,no matter what the out come is god is standing here,i know we will hold you and tell you we miss you so much,when we are all by our self we feel your tender touch,each day we pray this is just a dream.and to wake up to see your face.but soon we find it is not.the pain is so hard to face,i am sending to you my love up high no one can take your place,we miss you so much each day it is so hard to face,we stand one by one all across the world,with this sadness that has takeing place, one love one mother one fight please stop killing our children,with love and hug one mother of millions,

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Hi Joann,
That is beautiful, I am praying also that they will stop killing our children,It's an unbearable pain and thy cannot feel what we feel. Praying for the killing and pain to stop.

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thank you so much ,so much killing each that it is makeing me sick,i am tired of it some people do not have a heart my hugs joann-hubert-mom.

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The poem is beautiful, I live in a small town but there has been five murders in our area since Jimmy was murdered and it just sickens me to think of another mom joining the ranks.
Jimmy's Mom

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Beautiful Joann. My heart breaks again every time I hear of another life lost. I feel so for that family and the pain they are about to begin.