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My granddaughter

I have Jimmy's little girl this weekend and my house is all a glitter! I do mean all a glitter she found some glitter and it is every where she said it isn't glitter it's pixie dust. I bought her some little girl fake finger nails and have been vacuuming up finger nails and glitter all morning. Sandra is a pip and the light of my life. She talked alot about her dad yesterday she told me "No one could win toys like my dad. And no one could ride a wheelie like Jimmy." Then she said sometimes I cry for my daddy. I told her that was Ok because sometimes I cry for her daddy too.
Love and Hugs to all.
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: My granddaughter

Poor baby. I bet she misses her daddy a lot. I know that you have to enjoy every glitter filled second. :)

Re: My granddaughter

Dear Shirley
My son Jimmy helped me create a my space just so I could see your precious son on there.I didn't have a my space sign on and that's all I really accomplished but I did get to see him and his daughter and his love of life.What a handsome man he is.Grand kids are probably the most reason I get out of bed each day.Having 5 children in 7 yrs I was always busy cleaning up after one of them.Precious time wasted.I remember one time when Nicky dumped a whole box of rice krispies all over the kitchen floor that I just did.The phone rang I felt stressed and my sister on the other line said don't cry take a picture because at that point he took the broom and started to try to sweep them up he was 2 and that picture remains one of my favorites it's on the refrigerator.About a month after Nicky died my grandson who is 4 said I want to get those punks who killed uncle Nicky.I said why what would you do and he said I would throw pumpkin pie in their face I said why pumpkin pie he said because I hate pumpkin pie.I think that was the first smile I smiled. since Nicky died.I know you enjoyed having your grand daughter glitter and all and I'm sorry she feels so sad about her dad,but your hugs and kisses will take her a long way,she will always know she can talk to you when she's feeling down.God Bless and Hugs your way.Barb/Nicky's mom

Re: My granddaughter

It is hard to listen to the children when they talk about missing their parent. You feel the pain of a Mother who lost a child and a child who lost a parent. This last few days my granddaugher has been having flash backs of that night with all the blood, etc. Not easy to handle all I can do is listen, cry with her and sleep with her and assure her Daddy will never hurt anyone again.

It sure puts a new perspective on what is important nowdays doesn't it?

I am sure you enjoyed the time you spent with Sandra and saw your Jimmy shine through. May god Bless you with more smiles courtesy of your beautiful child.

love and prayers

Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: My granddaughter

Kim I will probably be cleaning up Pixie Dust for months and every time I see a sparkle I will smile.
Barb I am glad you went to my myspace I haven’t been able to spend much time there lately because I start crying and can’t see the page anyway. Your grandson sounds like he is a pip also. Jim fought for 2 years to get his custody of Sandra and he did get 50% custody. At first he was driving to Oregon once a week to spend 1 hour with her the first time he came home after seeing her he was so down. He told me “Mom the first thing she said to me was you are bad I hate you.” Her mother had been filling her head with hate. Long story short her mother left her husband moved back to California so Jim didn’t have to travel that far only an hour but still only got to spend an hour with Sandra along with a therapist. Eventually I got to go see her I hadn’t seen her in 2 and ½ years she was 5 by this time. It didn’t take long for her to warm up to me and she had changed her mind about her daddy also always wanting him to hold her. Finally everything was settled and Jim got his custody he had Sandra every other weekend. He got to spend about 1 year with her before he was murdered and they always had a ball together. I am so thankful she has good memories of him and not the hate she had in the beginning. Her mother also changed and was trying to be good with Jim, she came to the house after Jim’s murder and told me how very sorry she was for everything she had put Jimmy through, we get along just fine now not my best friend but I don’t feel like gouging her eyes out anymore.
Cindy that has to be so very hard I can’t even imagine. People wanted Sandra to be at the sentencing for the impact. She told me “I don’t want to see the bad man.” That was all it took I told her she didn’t have to. And we got our sentence without the impact of seeing her little face in the courtroom. You know I see all these little children and my first thought is will this one be a victim? I hate that and hope it passes.
God Bless you all
Jimmy’s Mom Shirley

Re: My granddaughter

Shirley when I was reading about your pixie dust (glitter) it brought a smile to my face. When Kaylin was about 7 she lost a tooth. She was becoming skeptical of there really being a tooth fairy. She was one you could not pull a bluff on and she questioned a lot of things. well, when I went to get her tooth that night, I found a note. It said in her little writing, "Tooth Fairy, if you are real sign your name here ________________." So with my left hand I wrote Tooth Fairy and then found some glitter from my crafts stuff and sprinkled it on for some tooth fairy dust. The next morning she showed me her note and said that the tooth fairy had even left her some fairy dust. She was so excited to get fairy dust. :) I still have that note in her baby book. Thanks for a post that brought back a sweet memory for me and I hope that every time you find more pixie dust it brings a smile to your face too.

Re: My granddaughter

Shirley, how sweet.I know it must be hard to know she will grow up without her daddy there but,he will always be there & I am sure you will make sure she knows her dad.What a blessing to have his daughter there filling your heart & home with love.
Vickie/Andre's mom