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It's sooooo hard just getting through each day

This is my first time in the chat room....so here I go. It was 17 months this past Monday that my Jody was murdered. I still ask God why. I find it hard to just get out of bed, work and function through each day. Her trial has been put off twice now and is set for February 10, 2009. Why must the court system keep putting the families through all of this postponing? I'm sick of hearing about his rights. I'm sorry but I stay so angry and just miss my baby. We were best friends too. I'm crying as I'm typing this. Can any of you other moms give me anything besides praying continuously that will help me?

Re: It's sooooo hard just getting through each day

We are so sorry that you are here but please know that you have come to a place that will help you through this. The world has lost another beautiful young life when your daughter was taken from it so wrongfully. We too lost our daughter Lisa and not one minute passes that we don't miss her. Her killer who was caught and confessed is getting what he wanted to be fed, clothed and housed at a mental facility on claims he is not competent to stand trial. He didn't even know her but killed her so he would be taken care of the rest of his pathetic life. Our injustice system is currently playing right into his hands but we must be patient so that we can get justice for her. The victims and their families lose all their rights and are treated horribly from what I have seen but in the end if we can endure and we must for our children we can do our best to see that justice is served. We find great comfort with the moms as most times no one else can possible understand what you are feeling and going through. Even though we are all on a very lonely road we are not alone as the other moms are always there for us. We find communication with the other moms helps us as well as her memory of life page where we have videos, pictures, stories and candles that we light for each other to assure us that they will never be forgotten. We go to Lisa's page daily and I don't know what we would do without it. Please know that we are all here for you. All of our love. Family of Lisa Maas

Re: It's sooooo hard just getting through each day

I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter, this is the hardest thing that any one of us will ever have to endure. We are all here for you, you can vent, scream and cry all you want we all understand your pain.
My name is Shirley I came here about 8 months ago my son was murdered on Dec. 16th of 2007. I consider myself lucky because our trial is over and the POS got 40 to life + 8 years he has already been sent to San Quintin. This has given me some peace of mind knowing he got the maximum sentence and will spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.
I still do things for my son may sound crazy but it makes me feel a little better. Just little things like buying him flowers, planting a garden in his memory. I am going to get a bench to put by the garden and a plaque for him also.
Just remember when you are really down there are other moms who will listen and understand.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: It's sooooo hard just getting through each day

Hi Cheryl. Come here and vent and rage and remember and scream. We all understand and we will support you. I lost my baby girl too and the last few days have been a little harder. It comes in waves. I miss her everyday and everyday hurts and I feel like I have run a marathon just making it to the end of the day, but the last few days the big waves are knocking me down. This place helps. It gives us useful information to help us prepare for what we will face and we have already faced one postponement on arraignment. He should be arraigned tomorrow and I will be there listening as he utters the words, "Not guilty" when asked how he will plea. I will hear and see with my own eyes if he has any remorse at all and I need to see it. To know if he has any at all. I need to know if bail will be lowered and how hard they fight to keep it from happening when his lawyer requests it. I need to be there for every step so that I can say I fought as hard as I could for my baby. Pray, lean on God, share your precious memories and share your heart break. We are here for you too.

Re: It's sooooo hard just getting through each day

Hi Cheryl,
I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter Jody. My son was murdered May 6, 2007. He was 34 years old. He too was my best friend. I miss him so much. Making a website for him has really helped me. It is like therapy for me. I also attend POMC meetings twice a month. I read any book I can get my hands on that pertains to grieving and also books on the afterlife. I have had a couple of angel readings. Believe me...there are days when I just sit and look at his picture and I scream and yell and cry. I think about him everyday. I have been going to court every month since this happened and last Friday we were told that his trial won't be starting until November 2009. This POS got a new attorney so we have to give the attorney time to review the case. Cheryl, this website has been a blessing for me too. There are some wonderful moms here that will listen and give you as much support as they can. Take care Cheryl. God bless you.