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Part 2 for all the moms to read !!

I pulled up this web site for my son to read about a young man on here by the name of Joshua.

I also had him read about some of the other kids on here, He was impacted and I could tell he was really hit by them.

He posted Joshuas story on his myspace Bullentin for all his myspace friends to read, so I know it touched him, he seen something in Joshuas story and wanted to share it with other teenagers to help open a eye for someone else too.

I just wanted to share this with you because this site does have a impact on people reading off this site, and its a reality check for not only myself of possible situations but a reality check for the young teenagers that read about the loss of the loved ones and how it effects the parent and others that love them very much.

I am so sorry for everyones loss, Thank you for touching my sons life in some way.
I hope he continues to think about Joshua...The boy his age and the many others just like him.

God Bless you.

Re: Part 2 for all the moms to read !!

I am glad this site touched your son's heart, I wish there was a way to get our stories out to the world to let people know about the senseless murders and the pain and anguish we are all going through. If my son's story saves even one life then I would know my Jim didn't die in vain.
God Bless
Jimmy's Mom Shirley