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For all the Moms to read!

I came across this site when I was actually looking for something else, I was curious so I thought I would see what this was all about.

I scrolled through the pictures of all the lost loved ones, seeing kids my sons age(16),He is my one and only child.
My eyes welted up with tears after reading story after story.
I paid close attention to the song this web site plays and it is BEAUTIFUL yet heart wrenching.

I could NOT imagine losing my son, althoug I worry about it because at this age things seem glamourous to them, My son was getting into weed, selling, hanging out with the wrong people, getting jumped and after awhile the gang life was looking good.

My son was put on probation " Thank God," as I was VERY honest with the court system and his new P.O, I was not going to cover for him thinking they could take my baby and place him somewhere else, I knew this had to be structured, and real and honest because it was a train wreck waiting to happen, and I did not want to have the police knocking on my door saying " mam..were sorry, but your son is dead."

I am going to have my son read through some of these storys, because they were good people at the wrong place and wrong time, or like any teenager would confront issues with violence instead of letting it go, or even just tring to defend themselfs and still lost their life.

Thank you ALL for sharring your babys story, for opening up apart of their life and yours,

It just may save someones kid.
God Bless you and my heart goes out to all of you.

Re: For all the Moms to read!

I wish you the best with your son. I have 3 sons. My oldest was on the road of destruction. My youngest Timmy, was only 15 y/o when shot in the back of his head walking home from the store with another young man who was a friend of my oldest son. They just made an arrest, it was the other guy's g/f's brother and his brother in-law. Why, we don't know really yet, but they didn't like this guy. They killed my son because he was a witness, he just happen to walk him to the store late at night to pick up snacks to go lawn mowing the next day. It was the middle of summer. My son didn't hang out, walk the streets, hang on corners. He was no angel, no I know that, what kid is, but he was not a bad kid. He was a good kid, he loved to help people, he loved animals, he loved his friends, listening to music, jumping on the trampoline, playng video games normal teenage stuff. I do hope your son realizes that it can happen to anyone, anytime, but choosing a lifestyle that leads you to it is more devestating than anything because as a mother you sit there and watch, as I did with my oldest son. He had to ID his baby brother laying in the street. He is away right now, which I think saved his life. Many times I had to get friends to go sit with him because I thought he was going to kill himself. he is a mess, he has nightmares. My middles on is trying so hard to keep it together, and I see it wearing him out. Murder in a family destroys everything and everyone. I would never wish this on my worse enemy.

God bless you and your family
Timmy's mom

Re: For all the Moms to read!


Re: For all the Moms to read!

Thank you Jennifer for your kind words. I don't think I need to tell you that 16 is a terrifying age. My sweet Jeremy was 16 when he fell in love with the girl who took his life, with a single gunshot in the back, less than 1 year later. Our lives have been turned upside down. Not just with pain, but with anger, with confusion, and with the torment of not knowing what to do next. I must tell you, love your son every single moment of every single day. Let him know how you feel about him. Don't let him walk out of the house without telling him how you feel about him. Even if he thinks you're being corney. We've all found out the hard way, that you never know which time will be the last time. I don't mean to sound harsh, but there really is no other way to get this point across. My prayers are with you and with your son.