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why is this world so evil!!

hi mom's,well i am so heart broken to hear about any one losing a child to murder!!well i really don't know jennifer hudson in person,but my heart goes out to her family and really to her,it hit home with me,she loss three family member's to murder,her mother,brother and her 7 year old nehfew,so sad,her career was blowing up,now this,murder has no respect for no one,no love,no heart,just pain,deep pain,to lose a child to murder is a pain that cut's so deep in your heart that u never stop bleeding inside!my life has been up side down now for 2 year's,so far gone,well i just can't seem to get it toghter!!everytime i look around some one is getting murdered,when will it stop!!well just had to vent,much love to all my mom's,love tony's-mom-michelle!!

Re: why is this world so evil!!

I live about 5 minutes from where it happened at and It's was just terrible to hear about it, and I can only pray for quick justice. To kill people like that and especially a 7 year old child. I got really angry Friday when I first heard about it and today it just tore my heart apart,I just hurt so bad for all of us and now this. I will keep them in my prayers as well as all of us.

Re: why is this world so evil!!

I was in tears when I read about this. And prayed they would find that boy alive, and so devestated when Iheard they found the van with a child in the back seat. I almost started crying at my desk. I just don't understand this, this world and it's evilness!!!! To kill 3 people and an innocent child at that, what is wrong with this person(s)???? It saddens me so much. It touched me so badly yesterday I couldn't stop going back to CNN and hoping that they were wrong, maybe he was asleep or something.

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