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Once again

I am about two inches from the end of my rope, they are doing it again. The defense is going to motion for a new trial tomorrow so this piece of crap will not be sentenced. They are saying they have new evidence from his mother the mother that took him to my son’s house so he could shoot him. I just want to put my son to rest and I can’t do that until this scum bag is in prison and now I really want his mother. My avocet told the DA that she should file charges against the mother for conspiracy and the DA just said OK. Don’t know if she will but we told the avocet that we want charges filed and she said that would make a difference with the DA. This creep of a defense attorney didn’t give the paperwork to the DA until it was to late today for her to do anything about it. I would like to punch him right in the face, he is a creepy little dirty looking SOB anyway. Can you tell I am just a little angry? I do not understand why when someone has been convicted of murder do they still have all the rights. We had given out $300 worth of T shirts and had to try to contact everyone and let them know it won’t happen tomorrow everyone we contacted said they were going to show up for court tomorrow even if he wasn’t being sentenced just to support Jimmy. I have just about had it how the hell will I ever make through another trial?
Pray for me because I will need all the strength I can muster not to punch someone tomorrow.
Much Love and Hugs
Jimmy’s Mom Shirley

Re: Once again

Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear that you are still going through this crap. I do believe in karma and that mom will get hers. After all is over, and it will be soon, they will take care of her. Just hang in there and don't let them see you upset by their nonsense. I hope they don't give him another trial, hopefully they will recognize this for what it is, a stall tactic.

It's funny, all I did was wish it was over quick, but now that it is, I don't know what else to do! Now I guess it's just time to face my grief head on, no more distractions and work on his case. I feel lost, but me and the kids are together and working it out. Be strong and like the commercial says, "don't let them see you sweat!"

Courage & luv,
Donna, Randy's mom

Re: Once again

Shirley I am so sorry. Not only do we have to relive our child's death everyday then the justice system doesn't give us swift justice. I really hope that the DA will go after the mother too. She should get conspiracy from the sounds of it.
We are hoping for an extradition this week and then to find out when the arraignment will be. It just makes me so angry for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Re: Once again

Don't they realize the lady is a nutcase?? I can't believe they would put you through all this based on some nut's supposedly "new evidence" it's a delay tactic, but remember he is still behind bars where he deserves to be. I hope and pray you get the justice soon that your son so deserves. I wish I had better words to give you comfort. When do they think all this will happen? When will the judge decide if this evidence is enough to support another trial? And why do they get away with witholding evidence until the last minute? This is just crazy!

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Once again

I am sorry that you have to go through all this.I am praying for you and I am asking the lord to give you strength to deal with this.

Re: Once again


Hang in there girl, unfortenatly the defendant has all the rights and the victim has none as far as I am concerned. The state only gets one chance to try these animals and yet they can appeal until the cows come home. Our justice system is just crazy. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, today and everyday.

Nanci/Travis' Mom