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So Angry

Thank you all for your prayers. Well, this SOB has other charges on him. They caught him selling drugs in jail, money laundering and wire tapping. There are about 15 people involved and one of them is his own mother. I have been crying all day. I am so angry. The first couple of months his mother, father and couple of other people would show up for his courts dates. Well, when his mother got arrested everybody stopped showing up. Then today seven people...don't know if they were just friends or family members of his...I know one of them must of been his brother because he looked just like him showed up. They sat in front of me and my daughter. These people are not nice people. You can tell they are gang members also. The POS that has been arrested for my sons murder belongs to a nortorious gang that I don't even want to mention their name. He is claming that he was just there but that he did not do the shooting.So I guess these people are mad because since he is the one that did not shoot my son...why should he get blamed for it. Well...they just kept looking back towards me and my daughter and when we got up to leave the court room I heard one of them say "I'll f... her up. So me and my daughter were getting ready to walk out of the building we saw that they were in the parking lot kinda of like waiting for us. So mu daughter called one of her friends to pick us up and we walked out of the back of the building and dropped our friend at the corner so she can go get my car. I was afraid that maybe they were going to start something with us or follow us to my house and I don't want them to know where I live. I am sure though if they want to find me that bad they will. But, I was just so angry because what freaking right do they have to be angry with us!!! Now on top of having to deal with the court...the pain of losing my son...I am going to have to deal with these people. It's just so unfair! I have so much more to say...but I am going to stop here for right now. Please keep praying for me and my daughter. Sending my love to all of you wonderful MOMS. God bless you.

Re: So Angry

You should report this to the prosecutor immediately! Next time you are in court, point them out to the advocate and they will pull them aside. I had to get a "no-contact" order for Randy's girlfriend because she was driving us nuts with my space and calls. They had a little talk with her and it stopped. I'm sure once they know that the court is aware of the threats and the fact that it happened in the courtroom won't go over very well.

Next time, have a deputy walk you to your car, it will get the point across. Also, make out a police report so if they bother you at home, it's already on record that they made the threats.

Re: So Angry

I hadn't posted in a little while. I've been so busy trying to stay that way. But I had no Idea this happened to you. I'm so sorry. Where was your husband?
Chris had to move from the house she was in. They were harrassing Jimmy and JoJo there in Phoenix. Also Gang members. It's like they are prisoners in their own world where they should be safe. It may be a little better for them right now. See the guy that strangled John, was John's girlfriends cousin. I even hated that they were at the funeral , but what do you do? Tell them to leave! I did ask the pastor to sit down but he was scaring the kids. So unreal.
When YOU got home did you notice if anyone followed you or anything? I would make sure smoe strong male relatives or friends go with you next time and if you get a threat call the police. I wish my brother could go with you, he is scary as heck. One look from him and they would think twice about any threats. Anyway, John's trial is suppose to start in January. One whole year after being murdered. It seems so unfair that they wait so long and they will not get the death penalty. POS is a kind word for them. But all in all, it's been hard on the family so I know it's hard for you. Don't go alone next time and keep something like a bat in your car or something. A squirt gun with acid.......... just kidding. sorry

Re: So Angry

Hi Angie,
REPORT THIS! Yes, and ask for security to escort you out of the building. We had some "intimidation" issues at Joshua's murderers trial, with the murderers father. Apple doesnt fall far from the tree is accurate. My son's murderer is in a gang also, my son did not know him, it was racially motivated.
If problems had continued, I was going to carry a recorder, as my middle son was a witness, and it is a federal crime to intimidate a witness in a homicide case.
We all made it a rule to never be alone, in bathrooms, outside smoking,,walking to our cars, etc.
It is just amazing how smug these people can get!
I hope it calms down some,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Love to you and Eugene,
Josh Underwoods mom/soulfriend

Re: So Angry

Dear Angie
I am so sorry that all that crap happened to you and your daughter IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN.It is a DISGRACE that their behavior was tolerated.As everyone else has already told you.REPORT this immediently.I wish I could go to court with you,but know that their actions will catch up to them and we are all here for you in thought and prayer.God Bless and keep us posted.Where is your advocate????? Many HUGS your way.Barb/Nicky's MOM