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Hope For The Day

Sometimes things happen that cause us to ask, "Why,
God?" "Why did this have to happen?" "Why did
I lose my job?" "Why was my health taken away?"
"Why did this relationship end?" "Why does the
person I love suffer from addiction?" "Why did my
child die?" "Why now?" "Why me?" "Why?"

These are hard questions, and it's reasonable to want to have an answer. But, we don't want the boxed up answers that are memorized and repeated over and over again. We want a personal answer. We want to know why this happened to me. We want to know what we did to deserve this pain.

Here comes the hardest part. We don't get to know the answers-not all of them. Not now. We are asked to understand that God is still God and that He is needed now more than ever before. We are asked to walk by faith and trust the Father who knows us so intimately.

We are infused with hope and there will be a day when
hope will override our fears, questions, and doubts. And,that hope is what will carry us through. -Clara Hinton

"Hope is chaining yourself to the belief and trust that you're going to make it!" --Clara Hinton

"....My hope is in Thee." --Psalm 39.7b