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To all you moms who feel they're getting no justice

I just want to say that I believe that God has a way of bringing people to justice and his way is not always our way and he doesn't always do it in our time, some of us feel that we didn't get enough justice,some was some of the murderers have walked free IN OUR EYES,some of us feel we will never get justice but because God says in his commandments "thou shall not kill" he will make sure they pay for what they done and each of us can think of something we done in our life and paid a price for it,so shall they, for the word says"you got reap what you sow".The guys that were involved in the murder of my son which was actually 3 people were picked up and released, they had fled the state of Minnesota,went to other states but I believe God heard my prayers and two were picked up in one state and the third one was picked up in another state but however they will still pay for it.Justice is served in many different ways, my prayer are with you all.