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He is always here with me. He is my life every day, all day.

To live in hearts we leave, is not to die.
Thomas Campbell

The lasting gift that any loved one gives us is their presence in our hearts. The memories and the very spirit of the person live on in us, is no longer physically here. That is something no one can ever take away from us.
We can acknowledge that our child will always be with us, that during times when we are severely tested, when we are feeling weak or particularly vulnerable, we can remember that our son/daughter is with us in ways that are not visible. This presence can be a source of comfort or sustenance, of strength or beauty. It is up to us to dedicate ourselves to intergrating that loving spirit into our ongoing lives.

"I will feel sustained knowing that my son is with me now and will be present always in my heart. For that presence I will be thankful."

Keeping all of you in my prayers. Sending my love and big hugs to all. Take care and God bless you.

Re: He is always here with me. He is my life every day, all day.

I have not left or gone away, I'm standing right beside you
So take my hand and walk with me,let my spirit guide you.

They will live on forever in our hearts

I love you son (I love you too MOM)

In loving memory Wesley Alan Matheson 9-12-1981 -5-6 2002