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Please wish me luck

I am starting a support group for family members and friends of homicide victims. Our first meeting is tonight. As the Director of a shelter for battered women and in other venues I have led many support groups. But I am nervous about this one!! Between all the birthdays and anniversary dates I am having a hard time and even thiugh the conference of POMC was good and so was the day of remembrance I feel so emotionally drained. So much grief and pain. Half the time or more I feel as if I've lost my mind!! When will this get easier?

Re: Please wish me luck

I think that's a wonderful thing your doing. I wanted to do something similar but know I'm not ready for that just yet, maybe one day. I do go and try to attend POMC meetings but it's far away, one lady who drives me there I asked her about us starting one in our city and she said that she talked to them about that and hopefully one day that will happen, maybe then I can be more help.

I wish you the best of luck and God keep you strong.

God bless
Timmys mom

Re: Please wish me luck

I think it is wonderful and I know that your daughter would be so proud of you.

Re: Please wish me luck

Wishing you the best of luck, I think I am going to try to find some kind of meeting here, I live in such a small town I am not sure where to start. I have been so down lately I cry every night just thinking about the holidays is killing me. I decided I would invite my family all of them to my house for Thanksgiving. I just need them close this year.
At work we are having a pumpkin carving competition SWELL just what I want to do. I will have Jimmy's daughter Sandra her daddy always took her trick or treating this is not going to be easy.
Wishing you luck!!
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Please wish me luck

You go girl, you will do fine and helping others will help you. Kera would be so proud of you.
Love you Kayt

Re: Please wish me luck

Good luck to you Darien, your strength is admirable. Your daughter is smiling down on you.

Nanci/Travis' Mom - I love you buddy!

Re: Please wish me luck

good luck mom i wish i can do that too.

Re: Please wish me luck

Well what I did was contact a couple of local newspapers and asked if they would do a story about The Nat. Day of Remembrance for homicide victims and interview me about what it is like to try to live with this awful nightmare. I also put information in there that I wanted to start a support group for victims families and friends and my contact info. Last week another newspaper called me and wanted to do a story also so it was on the front page of newspapers in 3 counties. The first group was last night and I had it at my house and it was good and also very emotional. Thanks for saying I'm strong. I don't gffeel so strong and as I told one of the women who called about the group I am doing this as much for me as for them because I need support too.
Love you all. Darien//Keara's Mom