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Feeling guilty

I read these posts and realize how lucky I am, six months after my Jim was murdered we had trial, some of you ladies have been waiting for years. The POS who murdered my Jimmy will get 40 years minimum, some of you are seeing the person or persons who murdered your son/daughter go free. 10 months after my Jimmy was murdered and the POS will be going to prison very soon, some of you have been waiting for years just to get to trial. The night my Jimmy was murdered the police knew who had done it and knew exactly who they were looking for he was in jail the next day. Some of you have no idea who murdered your children. I have my family right beside me to help me through and some of you have no one. Today has been a bad day for me I have been missing Jimmy so much, then I started thinking about all of you, some who don’t even have an ounce of Justice yet and I started feeling guilty for feeling sorry for myself.
I just want you all to know you are in my thoughts every day and in my prayers every night.
Sending Hugs to you all
Jimmy’s Mom

Re: Feeling guilty

Don't feel guilty, just be greatful that they are moving ahead at all. My friend here at work had her sister killed by her boyfriend last year before Randy died. She was moving away and he wanted to have dinner and talk. He stabbed her to death when he didn't get the answers he wanted. They are just beginning with the court system! DNA and mental evaluations are dragging by for them. Her mother is a mess and I would like to comfort her, but since Mills got off, it may not be a help for her. He's another one smug SOB with money and a good lawyer who thinks he's getting off.

I have no faith in the legal system. Mills is now hanging out at a big mall homeless again! They gave him back the knife he used! I just hope nobody's kids get in his way.

Wishing you the best in court!
Donna, Randy's mom

Re: Feeling guilty

Shirley, you should not feel guilty at all. When we see justice perverted so often, it is hopeful when you see that it can still work too. We have to know that justice doesn't always fail.

Re: Feeling guilty

Shirley don't feel guilty, it gives others hope to see justice getting served one way or the other. I know this mom lives near me we met after Timmy was killed her daughter was killed a few months before. They still don't have any arrest for her daughter and I always felt they wouldn't find them for Timmy and I prayed and prayed. When they did arrest these 2 guys, I felt bad telling her. She was like don't feel bad, it gives me hope. but it took me almost a week to let her know because I felt like it wasn't fair. I wish we never any of us had to go thru any of this. I've been feeling so disgusted with everything. I have their familes going around saying stuff to neighbors and it gets back to me, and then all the rumors and then they went and hung signs up on their porch, saying free the innocent and my one son took them down and here 4 of them confronted him coming home one day and the one guys brother called him "a ***** a** nig**" I called 911 and had a report filed. We are the victims and we are getting all this??? I worry too that it could take years and then they might get off anyway, then what? It's just been terrible. his prelim is not set until 12/10, a day after my birthday. So I'm praying that I get a good present out of this one and it proceeds to trial and then they will sit in jail and rot like they should be. I was in bed last night thinking and praying like I do and I try not to think to much because I just wind up crying, all I think of is Timmy all the time, and I was thinking because I was watching that show 48 hours they had this one show about what happens after, some of those cases took 4 years! One lady said she forgave the guy and I laid there thinking could I ever forgive??? I can't say I can right now, maybe if Jesus said to me that I needed to to see my son and my mom and dad, then maybe, but I just still can't believe they would kill my son, a 15 y/o kid who they knew for what, because he knew them and they were after the other guy, why??? the questins why always fills my mind and I know even if I heard the answer it most likely would not make me feel any better.

So sorry for the rant, I just wanted you to know that it gives people hope that maybe the same thing will happen for them, for me, for any mom's who have to live this nightmare.

God Bless
Timmy's mom