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Son's grave torn up

Well moms I went out to my son's grave today . It had been torn up again . She must have came in. my husband called the police .Her nephew is a cop now
he called my husband back . Said he would make some phone calls.ha Guess we will have to put up with that the rest of our lifes. She knows there will be something in the papper an Tuesday as it will be his Birthday . Guess to she can't stand to see his picture.We had his picture on his grave. Ijust pray that that moman gets what 's coming to her. Thanks for readig this. Hope no one is having to put up with this. Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Son's grave torn up

I am so sorry this is happening to your son’s grave. Have you gone to whoever takes care of the Cemetery and told them about what is happening? I had my son cremated and I have him home with me. We at one time had kids who thought it was fun to go four wheeling over the graves in our cemetery. People go and steal things off the graves also we have had several items stolen from my dad’s grave.
Jimmy’s Mom Shirley

Re: Son's grave torn up

I am so sorry that someone would be that awful. I agree that if you haven't you should mention it to the people who oversee the cemetery. That is so mean and evil. I am amazed at the lowness of some people.

Re: Son's grave torn up

That is terrible. We just have problems now because the guys who were arrested live around the corner from us and so many things are being said and rumors and such it's terrible. If her brother is a cop, don't go to him, go to someone else like the captain because nothing will get done about it. or the sgt.

I wish you the best
God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Son's grave torn up

So help me God, If I were to catch her doing that she would never, NEVER forget that day. I'm sorry but you don't go around tearing up graves. I'd love to slap her across town. I know I'd feel better.
I'm so sorry you have to put up with that.

Re: Son's grave torn up

I'm so sorry you have to be subjected to this crazy woman! Just the thought of it breaks my heart. It's hard to prove that someone is harrassing you, especially when it's in another location. Yes, go to the cemetary people and file a vandalism report with the police even if you can't prove who it was now, it may come out later and you will have the report to prove it was done. I had to talk to the people at Randy's site to keep a crazy girlfriend from buying the plot next to him! She was somehow involved in his death and we have had problems with her. I was able to get a "no contact" order and she leaves us alone now. I'm in the process of buying the plots around him for our family and spoke the the owners about her. They made a note not to sell to her in that section (if at all), I told them I would have him dug up and cremated before I let her lay next to him or our family!

I know it's crazy, but all we have left is our peace of mind about their resting places and what right do these nut cases have to make out lives harder? Evil, just plain old fashioned evil.

Chin up Bobbie,
Donna, Randy's mom

Re: Son's grave torn up

oh my god i am so sorry for this awful deed to be done where your son is resting may this awful sickly person be dealt with sooner then soon so you can have peace i would be overwhelmed with anger. but this is another reality that we have these type of people on earth beside us. god bless you and may you find some sort of peace. cheryl mom to ernest