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Re: More Injustice! It never ends!

7500.00 is the limit that victims of crime pays in california and if it was not for my mom who is 85 yrs old buying 4 plots when i was 5yrs old and i am 46 now i dont know what i would have done i used every bit of it i was able to get ernest a headstone with what i wanted on it i hope you make out in this time of need because this is truly a headache having to worry about how are you going to bury your child and stay above water. my blessings go out to you have faith it will be okay, cheryl mom to ernest

Re: More Injustice! It never ends!

We were fortunate that my in laws gave us their credit card and said to use it for her funeral expenses and that we could pay them back. I had one of those Globe Life policies on both my kids but during the writer's strike my husband's job was affected so we cut them out, never thinking we would actually need t use it.Her bio dad told me he wouldn't help. Thank goodness my mother in law sent him a bill for half the expenses and told him he should pay half. We have Kay's stone picked out too but I have been saving for it. I will check to see if we can do the monthly payments since you mentioned it. I chose the legacy for her. It has what you are talking about, with the picture lasered into the stone and will allow for a total of four pictures. I do have a vase there for her. She is buried in Texas and I am having a hard time with not being able to go to her grave everyday. I know we will not stay in Cali when we retire and I didn't want to leave her here by herself when we left. She is buried close to my mom and my dad goes out there everyday. I send flowers once a month for him to put on her grave. I want to be the one to take them though. I have thought about going back now, but we have decided to stay here to fight for justice for her and then maybe go ahead and move back to Texas. I guess I got off topic. It is sad that these monsters who kill our children get everything provided for them and we have to jump through hoops to get help just so we can bury a child who should never have died.