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Two More Senseless Murders

Our city which is small has had two murders in the past two weeks--one two houses from where my brother lives... A 15 year boy was shot to death. Also an 86 year old woman was killed...very brutally...and robbed fo $45 and then the killer took her car and rode his family around in it. Where does all this violence end? There is no deterrent for it as a point in case with our own famous Marjorie Diehl--she was behind the Pizza Bombing where they constructed a bomb around a pizza delivery guys neck and then set it off when their bank robbery went bad. She has been dodging her justice for years through our pathetic justice system. She killed her first husband and got off, put out a contract on her father, killed her boyfriend and stored him in a freezer which they found investigating the pizza story. Now years later SHE is telling the court system that she is not going to take the medication prescribed to her so that she may be competent to stand trial. She even has her lawyer behind her..So we are too ill to stand trial but we have the right to refuse medication. Both her houses at the times of the crime were so bad that the police had to wear "nuclear" outfits to clean them out as her garbage was literally stacked to the ceilings in every room with small paths to walk through it--NO EXAGGERATION. Years ago they found that she had been storing up surplus cheese for YEARS and the entire house was stacked full of rotting cheese but they let her remain on the streets. I guess they didn't see her as a risk either yet four people are now dead because of her as one person committed suicide one day after the pizza bombing due to it. I know I am just going off but it makes me sick that these sick bast**** get and know every tiny little legal manuever and we the victims get NOTHING. Our daughter had no defense but the vile will get everything and have no reason not to kill because there are no deterrents. We received Lisa's medical examiners report today and while we needed to know it just breaks my heart to read what she went through (my whole body was shaking when I read it) and know this bast*** is being cared for. Society is so accepting...Oh he was sick...Like that is some excuse...he asked if our state had the death penalty when he was arrested so how sick was he I ask? Thanks for letting me vent and listening. If just one person at a time could be saved by someone ignoring the fact that "They're Sick" and one family could be spared of this senseless and devasting tragedy I will not only speak it with my every breath but I will rent Billboards with our message--If they are sick then they need help and not be left to kill our loved ones! They saved a few dollars letting him out on the streets and now will pay in excess of a million dollars to keep his sorry coward pathetic lazy a** alive the rest of his life. Here I go again. Take Care and Love to all. Thanks for reading. Laura

Re: Two More Senseless Murders

That is what we are here for you vent all you want. I also live in a small town and there have been so many murders here it is unbelievable.
I remember the bombing you are talking about I don't know how anyone could take a life like that someone you don't know and for what?
Sounds like this woman knows just how to work the system. It is sick how the system works for criminals and their victims take the back seat.
Sounds like you could use a hug so I am sending you a big one.
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: Two More Senseless Murders

Laura you vent all you want. I agree with you. There needs to be more of a deterrent for these people. They kill someone and then they cry like the cowards they are and try to get off. There should be stiffer penalties and quicker judgments. Is is wrong that they work the system and their rights are protected and we have to fight so hard for our children and they can be dragged through the mud. It makes me sick. You want to do a billboard? Count me in. We have to jump through hoops to get any kind of help and they get taken care of and we have to help pay for it. Lots of people have bad childhoods and don't kill, lots of people have bad things happen to them and don't kill, Lots of people face adversity every single day of their lives and don't kill and society cannot be lenient towards these excuses. If they are so mentally ill that they kill then lock them up and throw away the key so that they can never do it again. How can you suddenly become unmentally ill? (I know that isn't a word) If you kill once you should never be free to kill again. The overcrowding in prison could be alleviated by getting some of these monsters who sit on death row forever off of it by following through with the sentence. I personally believe these monsters should die the way their victims did. Maybe that could be a deterrent. Some of these killers have such a following and the victim is forgotten. The victim should be the one who is remembered not the monster that killed them. There have been several bodies found in trunks of burned out cars recently in Southern Cali. I just cringe when I think of what the victims family is getting ready to endure. What has happened to our society that killing has become so easy to commit for some? Have we become that callous? What can we do? There has to be something that we can do.

Re: Two More Senseless Murders

Thanks for listening as it is a very lonely road and it seems like the computer is the only comfort I can find. Take Care