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The Pain of Death

The pain of death is not with those who have passed on.
It lives in the hearts of those who remain behind.

An unbearable ache that grows with each empty day.
Days without our children; comforting them, holding them, drying their tears and sharing their laughter.

Our children have passed into a place of calmness, comfort and peace.

But for us who remain, we are embarking on a lonely journey, a sad and tearful voyage to which we see no end.

Many will travel this mournful journey, yet along our path, we will find new friends, compassionate, loving and understanding.

We will mutually share our pain and gain strength as we move through this journey, and learn to accept that life does move forward.

I know we will always live with this pain, but will the hurt will lessen as we continue this journey?

I like to think that I can go on because my child is always with me, always in my heart

I am comforted by the pictures in my mind, that voice that only I hear
If only I could reach out and hold my sweet child again

This pain is not benevolent; it has ravaged my very being
It has fractured my spirit and devastated my soul

I pray for a gentle respite from this pain,
For tender moments of grace and beauty
When I can be joyfully immersed in precious memories of my child. . .
And find solace.

Thinking of all of you and keeping you all in my prayers. God Bless You.

Re: The Pain of Death

This is so true I think if not for the moments of joy from a memory of Jim I would be a total nut case. I look at pictures and remember the day they were taken or the story behind them then I can smile and it feels good. I guess it is pretty much the same for us all there is this dull ache in my heart that never goes away.
Love and Hugs
Jim's mom Shirley