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A small ray of hope

I chatted briefly with a comunity activist earlier about my sons unsolved murder and he was very quick to respond @ wants to set up a press conf. for next week @ the scene of my sons murder.He is also going to do a public service announcement on the radio asking for answers,he also is doing a "time to talk " campain to try to get poeple to talk about all the unsolved crime in Kansas City.He wants me to speak @ this about my son.I am so hopeful that this will help lead to an arrest, even if it doesn't maybe it will help someone.I finally feel like I have someones attention that can help me!I will keep you all posted.
My prayers are with each and everyone of you & your families!
Vickie/Andre's mom

Re: A small ray of hope


I know you have got to be feeling FINALLY. Wonderful news. We will keep praying that this leads to the Murderers arrest and is the beginning of answers for so many families out there. You have given a chance to so many MOMS. Your Andre is smiling knowing the difference his mom is making. Go Girl keep it up you are proof of how much a MOM can do when she refuses to give up.

Sending you Love and Prayers

Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: A small ray of hope

My prayers are with you that this small ray of hope turns into a rainbow and you find some peace and justice.
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: A small ray of hope

This is wonderful news. It was through our personal pleas that got people to come forward with information when Wes, was murdered. My prayers are with you, be strong.

Re: A small ray of hope

Hi Vickie, yes do it, keep pushing anyone who will listen, it is hard but the more you keep on pushing and keeping your baby's name out there, the better. You are very strong and wonderful mom.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: A small ray of hope

Thank you to all of you. I know that all of your thoughts and prayers will be with me as I take this on.You are also in my thoughts and prayers!
GOD be with you,
Vickie/Andre's mom

Re: A small ray of hope

yes yes lord you keep pushing thru vickie ,this is a big ray of hope for your son andre,my prayers are with you .joann-hubert-mom.