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I have no idea what is what

so I'll just start it with this. I did call a place about having a court advocate, she called me yesterday to tell me that the prelim was today at 9:00, well I was not prepared to hear that hearing was for the next day. I was flabbergasted, so I call the detective, thank God he answered he told me that there is a hearing on Thurs. but I don't need to go to this as it will be all legal stuff. The date set then, he'll call me and tell me, that would be for me to go. I have no clue! he also said I won't need an advocate because they are assigned one DA to my son's case. and she is really good.

God keep me strong!

Bless you all
Timmy's mom

Re: I have no idea what is what


He doesn't know what you need. An advocate should have already been assigned and you should have known about this first court date. It is not up to the detective to decide what is or is not important to you.

You need to call him back and explain that you really do want an advocate and you would love it if he would contact you when ever anything came up no matter how uninportant it seemed to him, of course if he is
toooooo busy,(you could tell him) you could always check in with him on a daily basis. That did help me a great deal and I did call twice a day until my son's body was found.My advocate contacted me by e-mail almost daily up until the trial but I had an angel for an advocte.

Again good luck and get ready for this next phaze.


Re: I have no idea what is what

He is a really great detective that is why I figured he knew best.

They never did call me again, the advocate that is. I was going to call, but I thought best not to. No no one has ever called me but him, he worked so hard on my son's case.

It's getting all over the newspapers now. I've been getting calls. When I find the local one my g/f called me and told me their mug shots where in it, but on-line version doesn't have pictures, I'll come and give the link but you won't see their pictures but you'll see the story!

So I just not sure what to do. The advocate said they are always in the court room no matter what the day is. So either way I'm sure one of them will be there, but I have no idea who they even are. So, I know with all my posts here and how I said about the trils and such and didn't know how you all did it and got thru it or going thru it, please believe me, I don't know if I can handle this. I'm putting up a good front right now, but I'm scared as sh**. Seriously, I'm having anxiety attacks. Im ready to take one of my pills LOL, and I'm at work so I don't want to, it will help but it will make me a bit tired too, oh heck I should jsut take a half!!! Oh God, keep me strong!!!!

Love you all
Timmy's Mom

Re: I have no idea what is what

We met with Crime Victim's assistance for help with the cost of Kaylin's funeral and counseling. Is that the same person who would be our court advocate if there is ever an arrest made in her case? If so is that when they contact you? It is so confusing.

Bette, I am just so glad you are finally getting someone held accountable for Timmy's murder.

Re: I have no idea what is what

Bette, the "really great and nice detective" that helped me on Leah's case totally flubbed the entire case and made it so that The assailant got a plea bargain for assault, instead of felony battery with substantial bodily harm, and when leah finally died, NO CHARGES were filed for homicide which followed due to his ineptness! The victims advocates are fantastic, trust me...we all need one, sometimes they protect us from those NICE policemen.

Re: I have no idea what is what

I agree you need an avocet now the lady who is my avocet is a great gal she calls me every time anything happens. I went to every court date set even if they only lasted 5 minutes I wanted that POS to know I was there every step of the way for my Jimmy. After every hearing Amanda (my avocet) makes sure we understand what took place. You go with your heart if in your heart you think you need to go to all the hearings then go. Do not let anyone tell you, you don’t need to be there. And yes the POS will be at every hearing if their trials are separate then they will only be in court on dates that pertain to them. But the really cool thing is the little creeps are in a special color jump suit here it is red, they will also be in cuffs arms and legs. You will make it through and justice will prevail just remember Timmy is right by your side.
Much Love
Jim’s Mom