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National Memorial Ribbon

We found the red/black angel ribbons on one of the websites and made a "kimi" on Lisa's memory of life website with it. When we finished it we agreed on nice we thought it came out. Our youngest daughter Melanie who was very close to Lisa saw it and agreed but had definite sadness in her eyes. Lisa & Melanie were able to anticipate each others thoughts and moves and were so very close. When I am able to anticipate Melanie's thoughts she tells me I am "freaking her out" and laughs but I do believe I understand the sadness and viewed the "kimi" in a different way. You see we made it with one of Lisa's Senior Pictures. The photography place that took her pictures had her picture on their wall when you walked in with others that had been selected. She was quite proud of that when others told her they saw her picture at the studio. The studio has since released the rights of her pictures to us to reproduce them in any way we wanted, sent their condolences and even sent us more of her pictures. It was very touching. It is just hard to believe that now we are using her pictures to represent the injustices of the world as a murder victim and I think that was the sadness in Melanie's eyes. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can wear these ribbons in the courtroom as I believe they are an important symbol of what we are going through. Thanks for listening. It is just sad the things that we have left to be appreciative of.

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

To me the only people who know what the red and black ribbons mean are the people who have a tie to it. I wear mine with the angel in the middle whenever I feel people need to be made aware. If I were you I would wear it. I have not been in court but it seems like you ought to beable to wear any color ribbon you want. God Bless!!!!

Love and Prayers
Cindy Monica's mom

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

Cindy where did you get your ribbon?
Laura, I would think you should be able to wear the ribbon to court. The picture is beautiful.

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

I ordered mine from Parents of Murdered Children website.

I ordered one because they said the black represented the violence the red the blood shed and the Angel is the victim who lost their life. But you can go out and buy Red Ribbon and Black Ribbon and get you an angel pin and you have it. I made a bunch of them for the National Rememberence Day last year. I made a large one that hangs from my rearview mirror in my car. The angel pins normally can be found at any christian bookstore if you cannot find them anywhere else. I got wide red and black ribbon it looks really good.

Love and Prayers
Cindy Monica's Mom

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

I wore mine to court would have been pretty hard for them to tell me not to. I had it tattooed on my neck! I just got the angel last Sunday on the other side when I go back into the courtroom I know everyone will see all three tats. I would wear it what can they do but tell you to take it off, that would look pretty lame on their part.
My thoughts are with you all
Much Love
Jimmy's Mom Shirley

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

I love that answer Shirley!!!!
Take Care
Laura & AV

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

You go Shirley, loved that one. I like the idea of wearing the ribbon, I think I will go and order myself one!!

Timmy's mom

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

I love the idea of the tatoo, I've been pondering for ever what to get Thanksss.

Re: National Memorial Ribbon

I wear my ribbon whenever I attend the P.O.M.C meetings. I also wear a photo button with my sons picture on it. You can get those at Walgreens and just put a picture of your child in it. P.O.M.C sells diffrent kind of bumper stickers to put on your car. They sell wristbands that says Someone I Loved Was Murdered. (I wear my all the time) They sell teddy bears wearing the ribbon on them. Take a look at their website. My prayers go out to all of you.