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Update on Lisa Maas

This does not concern the trial but I thought I would share it. Citizens should be aware of what our government is doing when it closes mental facilities or when the facilities are failing our communities. Sick B**tards like this are turned onto the streets everyday. There are over 15,000 of them alone in Pittsburg since they are in the process of closing Mayview State Hosptial which houses many of the criminally "insane" (or so they say so they may roam the streets to kill again when the govt runs out of money). While the articles claims they are no more violent than others I wonder if they would like to tell my daughter that--she didn't even know this pos. They forget that part that they are more likely to randomly kill with no warning, rhyme or reason--no one except their doctors (who don't give a rats ass) know their capability. They place these scum in apartment buildings that house anyone from college kids to senior hi-rises and they are done with them. We as citizens have no right to know they are there and have no warning because of their protected rights--he was a criminal with a past record and had been in & out of the hospital down there at least 38 times in the past 10 years. One month after Lisa another 18 year woman was killed by one of their "no more dangerous" than the average citizen when the woman took the girls baby from her woman and left her to die. I just wanted to share the article so perhaps if others know and even if just one family could be spared this tragedy by our government and mental health systems failure.
Love to all
Family of Lisa

Re: Update on Lisa Maas

We had a mental hospital close here years ago and they just opened the doors and let all the patients go. A lot of these people honestly needed help but were left to fiend for themselves. Then a waco named Jim Jones got ahold of the place and you all probably know the story on that one. There are some very sick people walking the streets that need to be locked up.
Jim's Mom

Re: Update on Lisa Maas

How right you are. Ironically we just read the stories about that hospital the other day while we were reading about your son we stumbled on them. It was unbelievable. There was a man in our town that shot & killed a man for no reason that should have been locked up. He refused legal counsel and got a life sentence & the Judge apologized to the family
and said that too many times the justice system has to clean up after the mental health system and their failures. It was also said if he had a lawyer he probaly would have been placed into an institution and back out on the streets. This scares us the most. This man too demonstrated years of illness and danger to himself and others but it was ignored and he was always put back on the streets. I realize not all are capable of this and many are pushed out onto the streets. What hurts us the most is they know the ones that are of danger and they just don't care. They opened a smaller investigation after Lisa's death with no resolution and then after the second murder in one month it blew wide open. There were many incidents before Lisa but those victims were former patients that had taken their own life with the exception of one--an 18 year stabbed his twin brothers--one fatally--one day after Western Pysche turned him away and told his father to keep an eye on him even though he expressed thoughts of killing someone. They didn't care that the others killed themself because that was one less patient they would need to see. After Lisa's investigation they said they would try to be more vigilant with their treatment--I wonder if it was their daughter if they would be so lax with their pathetic excuses/statements. Or if they were held as responsible as the murderer himself if they would keep shoving them back out on the streets. We don't know how sick this man really was but he had threatened to kill right before he killed our daughter and in years previous. And this didn't send out any red flags????It just sickens us to think our daughter would still be with us if someone would have just done their job. Thanks for listening as no one can really understand our frustration and pain the way other moms can. Love to all.

Re: Update on Lisa Maas

The mental health system is a joke. It seems that the law abiding people are the ones who end up getting the raw end of these things. Our children have no rights in court, people are let out to prey on us and we have no warning.